Ford F-150 Car and Truck Fog and Driving Lights

Driving a Ford F-150 can offer you a great off-road experience, but the weather does not always offer great visibility when there are no streetlights around to help illuminate the area. Fog lights are available on trucks and other full-size vehicles, and they are typically positioned at a lower angle than traditional headlights, which minimizes the reflection that you experience while driving in foggy conditions. Factory fog lights typically do the job, but if you need more brightness, you can get LED fog lights or even get aftermarket models that fit your Ford F-150.

Where are the fog lights located on the F-150 Raptor?

The fog lights on this pickup are positioned on either side of the grill, underneath the headlights. This puts the fog lights in a low position so that you can see through the fog instead of seeing the reflection of the moisture that is in the fog.

Are different colored fog lights available for the Ford F-150?

Most fog lights are not two-toned, but when you make your purchase, you can typically decide whether you want a traditional fog light, a bright white LED fog light, or a yellow fog light. There are some applications that you can use to change the color of your fog lights, which may look festive, but it may lower the illumination that you want your fog lights to have.

How do pickup fog lights illuminate?

Fog lights are bright lights, but the beam is flat and wide. This design is ideal for brightening the area that is right in front of you so that you can see through the dense fog that may be hindering your vision. Typically, fog lights are 18 to 20 inches off of the road, which makes the light under the height of the fog that typically forms at about 20 to 24 inches from the ground.

Where on an F-150 can after-market fog lights be added?

You may have to consider the height to your vehicle and the size of the wheels on your all-new F-150 model so that is you can ensure that the height of the fog lights is adequate. Fog lights are designed to be positioned close to the ground so that the light does not reflect through the fog. With that being said, you can enclose fog lights in your bumper or you can create an exterior housing for fog lights in the grill of your truck.

What type of bulbs can be used in fog lights?

There are basically three types of light bulbs that you can add to the fog lights in your truck. The first is an LED light that is very bright, it will last for a long period of time, and it consumes less energy from your trucks engine. HID lights are an option that creates bright, almost daytime-like lighting, or you can simply stick with halogen lighting if you prefer.