Ford Escape SUV Fog & Driving Lights

Driving in harsh road conditions can be a challenge. Fog is one of the hardest environmental conditions to maneuver through with your Ford Escape, especially if the haze is very dense. The visibility in such cases is greatly reduced, and that is why special fog lights were added to cars to help drivers maneuver safely through foggy weather.

What are fog lights?

Fog lights are additional lights on the front of a car that are used when visibility is severely limited. They are controlled separately from the other lights on the vehicle. These lights can help drivers see things ahead of them, even in the thickest haze.

How do fog lights work?

The beams of fog lights are wide and flat. They are located in the lower part of the car, and their shape is usually a narrow bar. The lights’ beams illuminate the surface of the lane ahead just enough to let the driver see where he or she is going, but the light is not so strong that it gets reflected back at the driver.

Which fog lights are available on a Ford Escape?

Fog lights are available for both the front and the rear of the vehicle. They are meant to be used only for hazy conditioins such as with snowfall, fog, or dust.

  • Front: Front lights extend the visibility rage of the way ahead as much as possible.
  • Rear: Rear lights are a warning to other drivers of the cars presence in front of them. Rear lights are wired separately from the rest of the lighting system of the car.
Can fog lights be used together with headlights?

Drivers tend to use the two together, but fog lamps do not operate efficiently if the headlight bright setting is on. Instead, use only dim headlights and sidelights with the fog lamps. This way, the reflection from the headlight high beams on the haze does not blind you and you can concentrate on the lane ahead.

What is the difference between fog lights and driving lights?

Both are intended to be used for extreme weather conditions in which the regular headlights cannot provide the necessary illumination for safe travel. Fog lights are designed to pierce through a very thick haze. The beams illuminate the road just in front of the car so that drivers can see the lane, nearby branches, rocks, or ditches just ahead. Driving lights have a narrow beam that lets drivers see far ahead of them and are usually used for dark and unlit roads.