Dodge Ram 1500 Fog & Driving Lights

The Dodge Ram 1500 is a rugged pickup truck that can withstand roads that are a bit on the rougher side. Prepare your truck for inclement weather with a premium combination of strong Dodge Ram 1500 fog and driving lights.

Why do you need fog lights for the Dodge Ram?

Dodge Ram 1500 fog lights are used to guide your Ram 1500 through fog when all other headlights cannot illuminate the path without supplementary light. This also means that fog lights should not be used by themselves. Other than heavy mist and fog conditions, fog lights are appropriate in severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and blizzards.

How do Dodge Ram fog lights work?

When normal or high beam headlights shine through the mist, the light bounces off the water particles and creates a glare. The secret behind the LED fog lights ability to cut through the reflection of water is the shape of its beam. The beam of a fog light is flat and wide. Low positioning of the lamp on the Dodge Ram 1500 can increase range of visibility.

Why would you choose a flood light bar lamp?

One effective way to supplement basic head lights in hazy weather is with a floodlight style LED fog light. A standard is typically at 1,200 watts and 115,200 lumens. They are designed to be impervious to shock and explosions. Spot beams have a wide coverage at 30 degrees, whereas the usual coverage of a flood beam is around 150 degrees on both sides. Seals and construction of the products may be made with industry-standard water-proofing and dust-proofing. Beyond durability, longevity is its strong suit, which should be easy to come by with the typical 50,000-hour battery life.

Why would you use a work bar lamp?

Work bar lamp standard front LED fog lights are predominantly produced by a generic manufacturer. Most fall around the 72-watt power and DC 12~80V voltage range, which would be just enough to do the job without overpowering the Ram 1500s battery. This is what allows work bar lamps to have such a long battery life span at over 50,000 hours of usage. Also, the range of working voltage is compatible with 12V/24V vehicles, suitable for the Dodge Ram 1500. The standard beam of a white light bar must have an above average range and angle at 150 meters, which is around 500 feet, and an 80-degree angle.