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Fisheye Camera Lens for Sony

Fisheye Lens for Sony Camcorder

Fisheye lenses provide a wide-angle view where the edges are distorted to deliver a field of view of up to 180 degrees. The fisheye lens for Sony camcorder comes in a variety of different models and are compatible with a wide range of Sony camcorders, from the GR-DV2000 to the VX1000. These lenses are manufactured by such brands as Raynox, Vivitar, Zykkor, and Albinar.

What are the different focus types with these lenses?
  • Auto focus: This is an optical system wherein a control system, motor, and sensor will automatically focus on an object within the frame so that you can focus on other aspects of taking a photo. Once the image comes through the lens, the autofocus system analyzes it and adjusts the focus of the lens accordingly.
  • Manual focus: This is a camcorder that requires you to adjust the focus of the specific lens by hand, usually through the adjustment of a small focus ring.
  • Auto/Manual: This is a camera that offers both auto and manual focus systems in order to provide you with a choice of which one you would prefer to use.
What are the different camera technology types?
  • Digital: This is a camcorder that records video to digital formats, such as a DVD, the Digital8 format, or solid-state flash memory. Most of these fisheye lenses are compatible with both forms of camera technology.
  • Film: This is a camera or camcorder that uses film to capture photos. The photographic film used in these devices is a thin strip of plastic that consists of small crystals. The size of these crystals determines the resolution of the video. This size is measured in millimeters, such as 8 millimeters or 35 millimeters. The film must be loaded into the camcorder before you start recording.
Which mounts are these lenses compatible with?

These lenses are compatible with a range of different mounts, such as the Canon EF mount and Nikon F mount. For instance, the XIT lens model is compatible with the Canon EF mount while the Pro HD lens is compatible with the Nikon S mount. Some of the additional mounts that these lenses are compatible with include the Canon EOS, Pentax, Sigma, and Sony Alpha mounts.

What does the focal length of a lens refer to?

The focal length is the exact distance in millimeters between the camera lens and the image sensor of the camera or camcorder in question. When it comes to zoom lenses, these focal lengths are variable, providing you with a range of lengths that you can alter for a variety of different photos. These lenses for Sony camcorders are available as a fixed lens and a zoom lens. A fixed lens is a type that provides you with a single focal length. These specific lenses come with focal lengths that range from 30 millimeters to 60 millimeters.

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