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Fisheye Camera Lens for Panasonic

Add a New Look to Your Videos With a Fisheye Lens for Panasonic Camcorder

A fisheye lens can help you to take interesting videos. When you are out at an event or on the go, you may consider the possible tools you need for just the right videography. Once you have a Panasonic camcorder, a fisheye lens may be able to provide you with a new perspective.

What is a fisheye lens?

A lens categorized as fisheye is considered an ultra wide angle lens. It provides you with nearly a 180-degree view of whats going on in front of you. It allows you to capture more of the landscape without having to get too far back. A fisheye lens is also known for obstructing the edges, rounding them so that what is captured is rounded as opposed to being rectangular.

What are the different features?

There are many different features available for a lens on your camcorder. In some instances, you may be able to have multiple features in a single lens, providing you with more control over your videos:

  • Autofocus: The camcorder will focus automatically on your subject.
  • Autofocus/manual focus: You can determine whether you want the camcorder to focus automatically or make the adjustments manually.
  • High-definition: Ensure images are as crisp as can be.
  • Macro: Allows you to get up close to your subject without it blurring.
  • Premium-rimmed glass: Ensure that the glass is strong enough for any elements you shoot in.
What types of focal lengths are there?

A focal length for a camcorder is measured as how many times it is multiplied, such as 0.45 x. There are two types of focal lengths available.

  • Fixed: There is just one focal length available.
  • Zoom: You can zoom in and out to adjust what can be captured.
Will any brand of lens fit a Panasonic camcorder?

You may be able to use a lens on any Panasonic camcorder that has the sufficient measurement. For example, there are 46mm and 52mm models available. You will want to look at the threading on the filter at the front of your camcorder to learn of the measurement. From there, you can consider the brand of lens as long as it will provide the proper fit for your camcorder.

Whats included in a lens kit?

A lens kit for a Panasonic camcorder may include a variety of accessories to assist with videography. In addition to a wide angle lens, there may be several other items:

  • Lens cap
  • Carrying case
  • Filters
  • Lens hood
  • Lens leash
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