Ford Mustang Fenders

The Ford Mustang has had a long and distinguished career as a sports vehicle. Concept cars were initially launched in 1962 and 1963, and the first full-line production began in 1964 for the 1965 model year. With such an established reputation, maintaining items such as fenders is required from time to time.

How do you remove the fenders on a Mustang?

No matter which Mustang model you are working with, the first step is to disconnect the battery before proceeding with any repair or maintenance. If you are removing an older, 1960s Mustang model fender, you start by removing the front balance beam. Its the piece right under the bumper. From there, the front bumper is the next items to come off. Before the grill can come out, the headlights need to be disconnected and removed. The supports and moldings are the last items to remove before you actually get to the fender. A home socket set and screw driver is all you need for this Mustang project.

What does rolling the fenders on a Mustang mean?

When you roll a fender, youre giving your tires more room in the wheel well. Its a careful process that requires a heat gun and other specialized tools to change the shape of the fender. You are essentially removing the lip on the edge of the fender of your Mustang and widening the opening. By adjusting the front body of your Ford, you are improving its performance.

What happens when your Mustang fenders are out of alignment?

Your Mustang doors will be hard to close and lock for one thing. It can also adversely affect the doors hardware, such as hinges, because of the door catching on the fender. Another situation that can be caused by the front fenders not being properly aligned is that you can chip the paint. This happens when the door catches on the fender while youre trying to open or close it. Proper alignment of your Mustang body parts, whether front or rear, is critical to the overall appearance and performance of your Ford.

Aside from the effect of a poor fit on your Mustangs doors, front fenders can also cause problems with the hood on your vehicle. If the fenders dont fit properly, they can cause paint to chip both on the Mustangs hood and front fenders. Additionally, the vehicles hood could be difficult to open or latch because of misalignment. The alignment of the back panels can have the same effect on how the Mustangs trunk lid fits.

Whats the benefit of replacing steel fenders with fiberglass ones?

If you are a racing enthusiast and are outfitting a Mustang GT model, for instance, fiberglass fenders are going to be much lighter than the OEM steel fenders. Fiberglass, as a light-weight body option, is used to improve the GTs performance and speed.

Perhaps you arent interested in racing your GT, but like the look of the Mustang GT500. The fiberglass front fenders on model years 2015 through 2017 are equipped with air vents to maintain temperature. The packaging of the GTs fiberglass front fenders provides an aerodynamic design that is effortless to drive. Fiberglass is also a more fuel-efficient material for your Ford.