Fenders for Ford F-150 for Stylish Wheel Wells

If youre looking for a way to protect the fenders of your Ford F-150 without compromising on style, the liners and flares in this category might be the solutions youve been looking for. Whether you have a Raptor or another type of F-150, you should keep these answers to common customer questions in mind as you take a look at your options to make sure that you end up selecting the fender flares on eBay that are right for you.

What types of fender flares are there?

When it comes to fender flares for your Raptor or your other F-150 truck model, there are quite a few different options available. Flares are made from materials that range from fiberglass to thermoplastic. Even though these types of accessories are all quite a bit different from each other, they can all be classified into one of three basic groups:

  • Pocket-style fender flares: These types of fender flares for Raptors and other trucks are heavy-duty and give your vehicle an aggressive look. The bolts that are used to attach these fenders are clearly visible even after theyve been installed.
  • Street-style fender flares: These fenders are designed to be as sleek and aesthetically pleasing as possible, and theyll help your vehicle blend right in on a busy city street.
  • OE-style fender flares: Fenders that are OE style are designed to perfectly mimic the fenders that your vehicle was equipped with at the factory.
What are the different textures for fender flares?

The fenders in this category are made in a variety of different textures, which are described below:

  • Matte: This texture is perfect if you plan to paint your fenders a different color or just desire a matte black finish.
  • Glossy: This type of texture is bright and shiny, and often found on street-style fenders.
  • Rugged: Fenders that feature a rugged texture are rough to the touch.
How do you pick the right fender flares?

The first step to finding the high-quality fenders of your dreams is to narrow down your search to only those models that are compatible with your F-150s year for the right fitment along with the type of truck you have, such as a Super Crew cab. Then, youll need to consider the various aesthetic differences between the different models that are available.

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