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Cadillac CTS Fenders

While it is sometimes possible to remove dents and scratches from a damaged Cadillac CTS fender, many argue that a repaired fender will never look as good as it did before. Depending on the extent of the damage, saving a fender may be impossible, even at the most reputable body shop. No matter what horrible fate befell your fender, replacing it with a new one that has been primed and is ready to be painted and hung can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Must a damaged fender on the CTS be replaced?

People tend to think car fenders are purely cosmetic, but they do serve a purpose. Cadillac fenders are designed to direct airflow around the car and improve the vehicles aerodynamics. Driving around with a damaged fender can greatly reduce your gas mileage, particularly in a large luxury sedan. If your state enforces an annual car inspection process, fenders with sharp edges and other hazards may not pass the inspection stations safety checks.

Are replacement fenders model specific?

Absolutely. When replacing fenders, "close enough" simply isnt. It is important to purchase the right fender for your Cadillac CTS. Even a fender that is only slightly off of the OEM specifications will look sloppy and ill-fitting when placed on the car. Purchasing a Cadillac-specific fender ensures that your replacement is the exact size and shape for your vehicle and that the bolt pattern properly matches the car. Getting the right fenders also prevents you from having to drill holes for side marker lights and other accessories.

Where is the paint code on a Cadillac?

When replacing a fender, its important to get a perfect color match to the rest of the car. On a Cadillac CTS, you will find the paint color code on a label located in the trunk of the car. The label will be in the wheel well where the spare tire is kept or on the spare tire cover. With this code, any local automotive paint shop can make your fender seamlessly match the rest of the Cadillac.

Is the fender vent on a CTS cosmetic only?

On some car models, faux fender vents are installed on the side of the car for cosmetics only. On the Cadillac CTS, however, the fender vents do lead to holes that help cool the engine compartment. Ensuring that the car doesnt lose this ventilation is another reason why it is important to use replacement fenders specifically made for your Cadillac CTS luxury vehicle.