Audi A4 Fenders

The A4 is the luxury sedan Audi released in the 1990s. It is a high-performing, all-wheel drive sedan with an attractive exterior, and one of the features that makes it look good is its fenders. If your Audi A4 fenders go bad because of an impact or other factors, you will need to replace them.

What is the purpose of Audi A4 fenders?

Fenders not only add to the beauty of the Audi, but they also serve a more serious function. They help to protect your Audi from the dirt and debris that get airborne as you drive. Some fenders have a flap extension for this purpose. Another important role of the fenders is to help keep debris, dust, and dirt from the wheel system and the braking system. Fenders are found on the front wheels of the Audi Quattro. On the rear of the vehicle, the component that performs the function of the fender is attached to the quarter panel.

What are available fender add-ons for the Audi A4?

Fender flares are available for this Audi model. Although fender flares are usually attached to fenders for aesthetic reasons, they also prevent dirt from spreading to the sides of the vehicle. If you want to customize your Audi, you can choose from many types of fenders that follow the contours of your A4. Fender flares are a requirement if you want to use wider tires on your Audi A4.

What can spoil Audi A4 fenders?

Fender benders are among the most common types of accidents. If another car destroys the fenders of your Audi, will you need to replace them. Beyond fender benders, it is important to note that fenders absorb a lot of impact from debris. With time, fenders can lose color or weaken severely because of UV rays and battery acid leaks. They can also rust and cause the Audi to lose its sleek look.

What are the fender options for the Audi A4?

When choosing fenders, you will need to know your vehicles year of manufacture so that you can choose parts that will fit correctly. Keep in mind that fenders with high steel gauges are typically stronger than those made of other materials. You also have the choice of using aftermarket parts on your Audi or going for premium Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

When looking to enhance your Audi A4 Quattro with fender flares, you should consider the different features of the flares. Choose flares that will fit naturally into the bodywork of your sedan with minimal adjustment. Each type of flare is suitable for models that are of a specific year of manufacture.