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Fear of God Shoes for Men

Fear of God offers a variety of mens shoes in a number of different styles, including canvas shoes, basketball sneakers, boot sneakers, slip-on shoes, and desert military boots. Fear of God shoes for men come in several colors, including blue, black, red, white, grey, and yellow. The company also makes mens Vans shoes that are available in several different designs, including solid red and a black and white checkerboard pattern.

What types of designs are available for the shoes?

Fear of God mens shoe colors feature solid body colors with white soles. Certain mens styles feature prominent designs such as the Vans Chukkas that come with crossbones patterns all over the shoe. Mens military boots feature a camouflage pattern with white soles. For each shoe, the sole is a different color than the body.

Fear of God mainly uses white soles on boots and sneakers, although brown, black, and beige soles are featured on select styles. Nylon high tops, for example, feature a grey body, black lining, and white soles. Certain styles feature stripes and lines on the shoe that are a different color than the main color of the shoe. For example, you can find shoes that feature a white body with two black stripes.

How are the different styles fastened?

All of the Fear of God mens boot and sneaker styles are fastened via lacing on the front side of the shoe. In addition to lacing, select high-top models such as the Fog Supreme Kith Military sneakers also feature a strap on top. Select slip-on styles such as the Slip-on 47 style feature a strap on the shoes for fastening while others do not have a strap or lacing present.

Are different sizes offered for each product?

Certain Fear of God mens shoes may have styles offered in a range of different sizes while others only come in a singular size. For example, the Slip-on 47 style is only available in size 10.5 (U.S.) while red military sneakers are available in sizes 8 through 12 (U.S.). Mens shoes from Fear of God do not come in different variable widths.

Are low-top athletic sneakers offered?

Low-top mens options are limited to slip-on, canvas, and Vans only. All sneaker options from Fear of God are high-top shoes. Among the high-top options are military style boots as well as sneaker style boots. Low-top options do not have both laces and straps. They will either feature one or the other, such as the DQM Vans, which only have laces.

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