Motorcycle Fairings and Body Work for Honda CBR1100XX

Before purchasing Honda Blackbird fairings and body work pieces, it is important to understand the benefits that should be gained when installing these components. Knowing what to look for and what is available when selecting Honda motorcycle fairings and body work kits will go a long way in providing the results you are seeking.

What are the benefits of installing fairings on Honda CBR1100XX?

Honda Super Blackbird fairings are exterior shell pieces which fit over the existing bike body. While the visual appeal is often a driving force behind a bike owner choosing to install motorcycle fairings on their Honda, these outfits have additional benefits they offer as well.

  • More aerodynamic: Reduces the amount of air drag experienced and allow for an increase in speed while driving your Honda.
  • Reduces airborne risks: Prevents driver from being injured from flying debris.
  • Protects against elements: Offers protection from wind and other weather-related conditions.
  • Secures vehicle components: Protects and houses features such as the headlights, electrical components, and engine in the event of an accident or drops.
Whats the difference between compression molded and injection molded fairings?

Motorcycle fairings that are made of ABS plastic are either constructed using the compression molded or injection molded process.

  • Injection molding is a process in which plastic chips are heated to an extreme temperature. When liquefied, the material is then injected into a mold to create the various pieces of the fairing.
  • Compression molding doesnt require the plastic chips to be heated to such a high degree before the material is poured into a mold and pressure is applied to create the different shapes for the fairing.
What materials are used for manufacturing fairings?

There are three different types of materials used for creating Blackbird fairings. These include ABS plastic materials, fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

  • ABS plastic: This is the most common type of material used. These fairings are lightweight, durable, and able to flex into various positions with ease. ABS plastic can be painted to any color needed for matching the bikes design.
  • Fiberglass: This material is created using woven fibers and different coats of resin. This allows the products to be made into different thicknesses as desired. Fiberglass components are often used for racing because of its ease in repairing should it become damaged.
  • Carbon fiber: The lightest option available, carbon fiber materials allow for resistance to high levels of tension and heat. This material is often used in creating bodywork components for racing and sports style motorcycles and can be found aftermarket as well.
What should you consider when purchasing Honda motorcycle fairings?

To ensure that you get the most out of the body work parts you choose for your motorcycle, there are some things that should be taken into consideration.

  • Know what the intended purpose is for installing these parts.
  • Select products that are designed specifically to fit the Honda CBR1100XX.
  • Take into consideration any alterations you have made to the original design of your motorcycle when selecting a specific type of product.
  • Ensure that the comfort and riding capabilities will not be disrupted once the parts are installed.
What is a fairing bolt kit?

Fairing bolt kits for the Honda CBR1100XX are designed to hold each of the pieces of your fairing to the motorcycle. These parts are often available in a variety of color and style options to enhance the fairing pieces that you have selected for your motorcycle.