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Eyecups for Canon Camera

Accessorize with Eyecups for Canon Cameras

Eyecups are a type of accessory that you can attach to a camera. The rubber material of an eyepiece keeps stray light beams from entering the viewfinder, and it also lets you use the viewfinder even when wearing glasses as you take photos during a school event or a hiking trip. Canon eyecups are available in a few different styles to fit your camera and meet your personal preferences.

What shapes are Canon camera eyecups?

There are a few different options available when shopping for eyecups.

  • Round: This style typically has a round rubber exterior with a rectangle in the middle to fit the viewfinder.
  • Rectangular: Rectangular designs are wider than they are long, and they have slightly rounded corners. Some variants may have slightly angled sides.
  • Teardrop: This shape of camera eyepiece is similar to the round cup, but one side extends out into a triangle.

How do you install a new camera eyecup?

Your installation method will depend on the type of eyecup you select. Rectangular ones have a notched back, so you will install them by gently placing them on top of the viewfinder and sliding them down. Some types of round eyecups may also have a notched back, so they are also attached by the sliding method. However, most round and teardrop eyecups will attach simply by pressing them to the viewfinder. The stretchy rubber will fit around the viewfinder, creating a seal.

What size are Canon eyecups?

There are different eyepiece sizes available to match EOS, II, EG, or other camera models. Size may also vary depending on the amount of cushioning involved in your eyepiece. Eyepieces are generally somewhere between 4 by 3 inches or 6 by 4 inches in width and length. Their depth normally ranges from 0.5 to 2 inches, but some types of eyepieces may have a higher depth. See the manufacturer site for details.

How do you pick a Canon camera eyecup?

When finding the right eyecup for your needs, be sure to consider these factors:

  • Camera type: Eyepieces will typically fit several types of camera models, but it is still a good idea to make sure your model will fit the piece you select. Read the dimensions and specifications carefully to make sure it can mount onto your camera.
  • Comfort preferences: Depending on your personal preferences, you might want an eyepiece with extra cushioning.
  • Eyeglass needs: If you wear eyeglasses while taking pictures, you should select an eyecup that fits over your glasses. Teardrop shapes are normally designed to fit over glasses.
  • Photography preferences: All designs help to block light, but if you want absolute darkness around the viewfinder, you may want to select a style with a thicker rubber edge.

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