Volvo XC60 Racks

Volvo racks expand your XC60s carrying capacity. Whether you need extra room for sports gear or luggage, Volvo XC60 racks provide ample and secure storage. To choose a rack for your SUV, you need to know the types available, including their function.

What types of racks are there for the Volvo?

Volvo racks fall into two categories—roof and rear. They come in a variety of configurations and are engineered to provide maximum security for your cargo. There are carriers for hauling luggage, bikes, canoes, kayaks, skis, snowboards and more.

  • Volvo XC60 Roof Rack: Roof racks provide extra cargo space by allowing you to carry items overhead. They also offer an unobstructed view while driving. Feet, crossbars, and other accessories attach securely to roof. You can also secure the system to the XC60s doorjamb.
  • Volvo XC60 Rear Rack: With this option, you can choose either a hitch or trunk mounted rack. Hitch racks slide into the XC60s hitch receiver. The nylon straps on trunk mounts attach to the cars trunk. Since the racks are at arm level, it is easy to load and unload.
What types of roof racks are available for the XC60?

There are several types of racks available for the XC60. Examine the surface of your roof. Is it bare or does it have rails? The answer to this question will help you decide the type of rack you need.

  • Bare: A naked surface requires a full rack system, including rails and crossbars.
  • Channel System: This type of roof has anchors installed on the roof. You will need lock cores to mount and lock the feet to the anchors.
  • Half Rails: The bars running on the sides of the roof are called half or side rails. You will need crossbars to complete the system.
  • Full Rails: If your vehicle has rails and crossbars, you have a complete system. However, it still requires accessories for the type of gear you will transport.
  • Clip-on Rails: With this option, you can secure a rack to your vehicles via doorjambs to avoid drilling holes in the roof.
What are the features of Volvo racks?

Made of sturdy, weather-resistant materials, Volvo X60 racks offer versatility and stability. They feature innovative designs to allow you to transport your items securely. Moreover, they provide added interior space, so you don’t feel cramped while traveling.

  • They are easy to install.
  • Racks are constructed of durable materials and weatherproof coating to extend the racks life.
  • A rack can hold multiple items simultaneously, giving you extra space inside your SUV.
  • Straps, built-in locks, and anti-sway mechanisms offer added security.