Toyota RAV4 Racks

With Toyota RAV4 racks, you will not have to struggle with getting your bike or surfboard to the boardwalk. The RAV4 has racks to make life easy. With a variety of cargo carriers and roof racks to choose from, you will never run out of room in your SUV again.

What racks does Toyota offer for the RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 XLE and other models can haul just about anything due to the wide variety of racks available. Everything from canoes, bikes, and kayaks can be carried, making hauling equipment safe and secure. Examples of commonly used racks include:

  • Roof mount bike racks
  • Roof accessory racks
  • Roof rack crossbars
  • Roof ski and snowboard racks
  • Rooftop surfboard racks
How are Toyota RAV4 universal roof racks installed?

A universal roof rack for a Toyota RAV4 is permanently installed to the top of the SUV. The rack fastens to the top of the roof using hardware such as screws, bolts, and nuts. For secure installation, the fasteners will need to be connected from the underside of the roof. If the bottom of the roof is not accessible, you can use extenders to fasten the rack to the roof.

Is any security provided with a Toyota RAV4 ski rack?

A Toyota RAV4 XLE ski and snowboard rack lets you haul your cold weather sporting equipment with ease. Some rack models also allow you to secure your gear with integrated locks. The locks will enable you to leave your skis or snowboards on the roof of your Toyota vehicle in a parking lot or even overnight in your driveway with an added level of protection against theft.

Security is provided by a locking mechanism. It can only be unlocked by the person with the key. The design of the rack locks make it extremely difficult to remove from the top of a Toyota vehicle without a proper key.

What equipment is needed to install a Toyota bike rack?

A roof mounted bike rack for the RAV4 is a single piece of material with slots to secure the bikes front and back tire. A plastic pole extends upwards and allows the bike to be secured to the rack with ratchet straps. The single bike rack needs to be fastened to an existing cargo rack on the RAV4s rooftop.

Usually, the RAV4 is created with two horizontal bars. The bike rack should be attached to the horizontal racks vertically and tied down for extra protection. Each bike rack will only hold one bicycle, but there is room across the Toyota vehicles roof to haul several bikes at one time.