Lexus RX 330 Racks

Racks can be placed on the top of your Lexus vehicle to transport everything from bicycles to Christmas trees. They are available from many different brands, including Topline, Orion Motor Tech, Lexus, and Autofather. Some racks are available as singular items, while others come in sets of two or four.

What types of RX 330 racks can you choose from?

There is a wide range of racks that you can choose to pair with your Lexus car. These include cross bars, adjustable racks, Roof-top suction racks, and universal roof racks.

  • Cross bars: This is a standard design with Lexus RX 330 roof racks wherein the bars are placed horizontally across the width of your car. One of these racks is placed at the front of the roof, while the other is situated towards the rear of the roof. This design accommodates the transportation of a wide range of items.
  • Adjustable rack: These come in a carrier basket design with numerous adjustable clamps. These clamps are designed to keep belongings from sliding off. You can also adjust the width to fit any Lexus model year.
  • Roof-top suction rack: These are unique racks that come equipped with several heavy-duty suction cups to keep them in place on the roof of your vehicle. They are designed primarily to accommodate bicycles.
  • Universal roof rack: These racks come in an array of different styles and designs and can be fitted onto every Lexus vehicle as they are made to be a universal fit.
What sizes are these racks available in?

These Lexus racks are available in a wide range of different sizes, the more common of which is 50 inches. In total, they can range from 45-53 inches in size, allowing you to find one that correspond with your specific car.

How do you find a suitable rack?

When attempting to find a suitable rack for your Lexus RX 330, the first thing you are going to want to do is identify the specific type you need. Next, it is important that you match the model of your vehicle with a rack that accommodates it. Some of these items are designed to accommodate one year, while others are available to be placed on a range of Lexus RX 330 vehicles, such as ones for 2004-2009. If your vehicle falls in the range presented by the rack, it will fit without needing to make additional alterations.

What is an OEM Lexus part?

When you are searching for a rack for your Lexus RX 330, some of them will be available as OEM parts. This refers to a part that was made by the original manufacturer of the car, designed specifically to fit your RX 330. This allows it to be installed without needing to make any modifications.