Buick Enclave Racks

When you think about the Buick Enclave SUV, you might think about its luxurious interior and sleek exterior, its navigation system with turn-by-turn directions, or its ample seating for up to seven passengers. What you might not realize, however, is that these features, combined with all the other luxury features of the Enclave, make it a perfect vehicle for your next road trip. A functional item to make these road trips even better is a roof rack for your Enclave, ensuring that you, your passengers, and all of your luggage, arrive safely at your final destination.

What are the advantages of a luggage rack?

A luggage rack provides you with ways to enjoy your Buick Enclave with ease and comfort. For example, if you want to take seven people on a road trip, the Buick can seat them all comfortably with all the premium features the SUV has to offer.

However, getting all the luggage to fit for a road trip of more than a few hours could be a challenge. While the Enclave has ample cargo space, seven people come with a lot of "stuff." By utilizing a roof rack, you can double or triple your cargo capacity,

You can also use the roof rack for greater ease when hauling awkward or messy cargo such as a holiday tree or home improvement materials. It increases your capacity so you can make fewer trips when moving or collecting DIY supplies.

Is a luggage rack difficult to install?

A luggage rack, is easy to install. Most of the work has been done for you with the installation of the front-to-back support rails. Installation of the cross-beams typically just involves tightening a few screws.

This installation is typically either done at the factory or the dealership. Many Buick Enclave models come standard with the side-support rails, and if not, you can have them installed at the dealership. Proper installation is crucial to ensuring the safety and integrity of these rails for the lifetime of your vehicle.

How do the cross-rails mount on the side-support beams?

Once you have had the side-support beams installed, it is a simple process to install the Buick cross-rails.

  • First, remove the chrome cap on the ends of the side-support beams.
  • Second, install the sliding mechanisms included with the Buick cross-rail kit.
  • Third, install the bolts (two per slider) to secure the sliders to the cross-rail.
  • Fourth, bolt the chrome cover to both ends of both cross-rails.
  • Lastly, install the thumb wheels to tighten the cross-rails in place, and replace the caps on the ends of the side-support beams.