Audi Q5 Racks

Roof racks are typically a standard accessory included in an Audi Q5 although you may want to change or upgrade the racks on your vehicle. Installing roof racks on your Audi gives you extra room for luggage, bicycles, and camping gear. The standard Audi racks have a load capacity of 220 pounds.

How do you install racks on the Audi Q5?

You should be able to simply install roof racks on your Audi. If you have an extra person to help you hold the bars in place, it will simplify the process.

  • Locate the special tool for installing the racks on the Q5. It is usually in the rear tire well. Lift up the plastic tray, and you will see a carpet flap underneath. Lift the flap to reveal the tool.
  • Install the crossbar with three prongs first. This rack goes in the front, with the three prongs going over the drivers side.
  • Align the bars. This step is easier with two people. Make sure both bars are laid out in the correct position before finishing installation.
  • Lift up the caps on the end of the bars. Lay the rail carefully across the roof, aligning the prongs.
  • Use the tool to tighten everything up. Be careful you dont overtighten the prongs as this could strip them.
Will the racks affect the Audis panoramic sunroof?

The standard Audi Q5 includes a panoramic sunroof that can be opened and closed. Roof rails that are made specifically for the Audi Q5 will not interfere with this feature at all. If you install a cargo box or are hauling larger items with your Audi, you may have an obstructed view. However, hauling these items will not damage the roof or affect its function.

Do Audi roof racks hold a cargo box?

Many different items can be strapped to your Audi Q5 racks, such as bicycles, kayaks, skis, and other outdoor equipment. If you are simply hauling extra luggage with your SUV and want it to be safe from the elements, you can install a cargo box on top of your rails. You cannot install a cargo box without the rails, so if you need a box, make sure your racks are already securely installed on your Q5.

Which roof racks fit the Audi Q5?

The standard, original equipment manufacturer Audi Q5 roof racks are specifically designed for the vehicle. If you are looking at universal, aftermarket roof racks, make sure the manufacturer has stated that the racks will work with your specific model and year SUV.