Racks for Acura RDX

From simple bar racks to bike racks, there is a variety of roof racks that you can use with your Acura RDX. Roof racks offer more space and convenience and give you the option to bring extra items that would not normally fit into your luxury vehicle. Roof racks are durable and with a wide range of options to choose from, there is something to fit your needs.

What are racks used for?

There are many different types of racks, and they all serve different purposes as you drive your SUV. Racks for your Acura SUV can be used for hauling extra cargo on the roof or can be used to transport bikes on the back. You can also find racks that mount to the roof so that you can pack recreational items such as your skis, snowboard, or even kayaks or similar water sports items. Roof racks are also very handy when you go camping or on a long trip because you can pack bigger items out of the way or bring extra luggage.

What types of racks are there of the Acura RDX?

There are racks that will mount to the roof of your Acura and others will mount to the back of your Acura RDX. Racks for the RDX come with hardware that will make it easy to attach securely to your vehicle. There are bar roof racks, roof-mounted cargo racks, and racks that will hold skis and snowboards.

The bar base style of roof rack is the one you would use to bring your bikes and outdoor items such as skis and kayaks. If you are transporting luggage, a mounted cargo rack would be ideal. You can also find bar racks that are compatible with covered cargo containers to offer extra protection for your belongings. There are also double bar racks and single bard racks. The single bar rack works well with most cargo carriers, roof bike racks, and surfboard carriers.

What are roof racks made out of?

Roof racks are durable and made to last since they will be mounted on the exterior of your vehicle. Racks can be made of galvanized steel and coated with scuff-resistant rubber. They are typically lightweight as well to make it easy to install onto your Acura vehicle. You can even add lock cylinders so that your items will not be easily stolen. Some roof racks are made of hardened steel, and some can hold up to 150 pounds of weight.