Moldings and Trim for Toyota Camry

Exterior moldings for Toyota Camry can be found in many different styles, including pillar posts, window moldings, fender moldings, bezels, rocker panels, and side moldings. Each type of molding serves a slightly different purpose. Parts can be mixed and matched to achieve a specific look dependent upon the owners stylistic preferences.

What do pillar posts and window molding achieve?

Pillar posts and glass molding work together to outline auto glass on the sides of the Toyota Camry. The pillar posts are the two pieces installed vertically in the middle of the glass, while the glass molding completes the outline the rest of the way around the vehicle. Often these pieces are in contrasting finishes to the rest of the Camry and serve to highlight the glass features by distinguishing them from the rest of the vehicle.

How does fender molding work?

Fender molding sits on the bottom of the Camrys sides just above the wheel wells. These pieces serve to define the tires, wheels, and hubcaps by bringing them out with a similar finish in fender molding. These are often metallic, though they can also be found in a variety of other colors.

What purpose do bezels serve?

Bezels can be found for headlights and taillights. These pieces fit around the actual light to bring attention to them. They are circular pieces of molding that can be any color or finish. Bezels vary in thickness as well. By individualizing a Camrys bezels, the appearance of all lights can be altered to meet the owners aesthetic taste.

How do rocker panels and body moldings work?

Rocker panels sit at the bottom of the Toyota Camrys side body. These are thick pieces of molding, typically metallic, that highlight the bottom of the cars silhouette. Body moldings sit further up on the car, parallel to rocker panels. The two styles can be utilized together or independently to outline the cars shape.

What are some qualities of bumper and trunk molding?

Bumper trim goes on the front of the Toyota and frames the grille or front vent to highlight the cars nose. Usually, molding is in a color or finish that complements the vehicles paint job. Trunk trim works similarly at the back of the vehicle; trim is fitted around the trunk to highlight a particular color or trunk element.

How do grilles and wind deflectors function?

Custom grilles are an option for the front of the car. Different woven patterns, embellishments, detailing, and lines are available to define the front of the vehicle. Grilles are almost always metal and found in a variety of different types. Wind deflectors fit over the Toyota Camrys windows and serve to keep wind, water, dirt, and bugs away from the driver and passengers, particularly when the vehicle is moving quickly. These are pieces of plastic that vary in width depending on the particular style. Deflectors are usually black, grey, or clear.