Chevrolet Equinox Car and Truck Exterior Mouldings and Trim

If youre a car lover, you know its not necessarily the large components, but, instead, the small details that make or break the appearance of a vehicle. This holds true for the Chevy Equinox, which offers many unique options to help the exterior of the vehicle look great. These options come in the form of exterior moulding and trim pieces designed exclusively for the Equinox.

What are the moulding and trim options?

Direct replacement pieces are simply those that look exactly like the original pieces you have on your vehicle that you can utilize if the originals become worn or damaged. Here is a small selection of whats available.

  • Chrome handles and mirrors: These add-ons enhance the look to your Equinox by replacing the body-colored side-view mirrors and door handles with chrome-plated models.
  • Window visor: These pieces attach just above your window to keep rain out when you have the window down slightly.
  • Chrome grille overlay: This allows you to deck out your grille in chrome.
  • Fender airflow side vent: Though your Equinox isnt equipped with fender vents, you can add a sporty look by adding these stick-on accessories.
  • Replacement grille trim: This allows you to replace the trim around your grille if it has become dented or chipped from road debris.
Who manufactures moulding and trim?

Since most of the accessories available for your Equinox are intended to enhance the cars look rather than simply act as a replacement, there are actually more aftermarket accessories available than there are original equipment manufacturer accessories. Since these pieces present a fairly low cost-of-production, companies big and small produce accessories that look great and fit your Equinox perfectly.

How do you install exterior accessories on an Equinox?

For most exterior mouldings, the attachment method is simply strong adhesive. To attach these accessories all you have to do is remove the previously existing accessory, if any. Clean off any remaining adhesive and dirt on the body of the SUV. Then, remove the adhesive backing on the new accessory, and apply it to your Equinox where desired. A common non-adhesive upgrade is to add chrome door handles. The procedures to install those are listed below.

  1. Open the door with the handle you want to replace, and remove the rubber gasket located to the rear of the handle.
  2. Remove the screw holding the handle in place.
  3. Remove the back section of the handle by pulling outward, then remove the main section by pushing it toward the rear of the vehicle to pop it out of place.
  4. Attach the main section of the new handle by sliding it toward the front of the vehicle. Pull it out slightly, then push the smaller handle section into place.
  5. Reinstall the screw and the rubber gasket, then check for proper operation.