Triumph TR6 Valve Covers

Triumphs valve covers are designed to complement this elegant beast of a sports car. If youre restoring a classic Triumph TR6, youll want some extra valve covers to bring your vehicle back to mint condition. Theyre also helpful if your TR6s original valve covers become damaged or worn down.

What Triumph TR6 vehicles feature cast aluminum valve covers?

Triumph used the iconic cast aluminum and black powder valve cover gaskets on all versions of the TR6 made between 1969 and 1976. You can only find the original cover system on the older 1968 TR6 roadster. This particular valve cover is the same on both the British and American versions of the TR6. This is so you can use the same part regardless of which country your Triumph model was sold in.

What do you need to replace hardtop Triumph valve covers?

While the cover gaskets themselves are identical, the hardtop version of the Triumph TR6 has slightly different hardware. Youll want to loosen the outside brackets on your TR6 convertible before you attempt to replace the gaskets. The restoration process is otherwise identical, but youll want to replace these parts along with the valve cover once you the new piece is in.

What pieces do you need to replace a valve cover?

You can get valve cover kits that allow you to replace the missing bodywork on your Triumph TR6. Youll want to make sure that the following parts are included in your valve cover kit:

  • Aluminum or brushed metal valve cover plate
  • Cover cap
  • Gasket assembly
  • Mounting hardware
  • Cylinder bracket
Will installing a new valve cover improve engine performance?

If the existing valve cover on your TR6 is worn or damaged, then it could be allowing the interior of your engine to leak. This could lead to problems unrelated to the engine, as well. For example, you might find that your TR6 has a strange feel when you turn the wheel, or your TR6 could put itself in overdrive. These problems can be corrected by installing either an OEM or aftermarket Triumph TR6 valve cover.

What are silicone TR6 valve cover gaskets?

Contemporary Triumph TR6 gaskets are made of high-temperature silicone. They might outperform the ones that were originally installed on the chassis of early Triumph TR6 roadsters made in the early 1970s. They have a higher heat tolerance than OEM parts. This can give a boost in the amount of horsepower that your Triumph TR6 puts out. Other than that, you shouldnt see any difference when you drive your classic British sports car.