Audi A4 Valve Covers

When driving in your Audi A4, you may notice your cars performance begin to malfunction. Audi A4 valve covers are standardized and replaceable. Their function is to help seal the top parts of your engine and stop oil leaks.

Where is the cover located on an Audi A4?

The cover is usually the highest seal in your Audis engine, and it is constructed of metal. This can be found when you open up the hood. The cover should be sitting on top of the engine. Most standardized colors for your Audi are silver.

To access the gasket, you have to remove the cover that sits on the top of your engine. When you remove the cover, there will be a rubber seal that sits underneath.

What is the design of the cover on the A4?

Covers for your Audi should have a rectangular design. They also have four holes in the top of the cover where the valves fit in. On both ends of the cover are additional holes to hook up a hose. There should also be nine screws around the outside lip of the cover to attach it to the engine.

What are signs that your Audi cover needs replacing?

A general warning sign that your cover needs to be replaced is leaking engine oil. Usually, when the oil is dripping under your car, the cover has been damaged. Signs that your cover is damaged is cracks in the metal.

Other signs that your cover needs to be replaced is when you smell burning oil while driving your car. In addition, the vehicle can misfire. If you notice the performance of your vehicle seems to be struggling to maintain speed, this could be an indication that the cover is damaged.

How do you replace your Audi’s valve cover?
  1. The actual process to change a cover is pretty straightforward. When you open your hood, you should notice that the cover is held on with screws. To remove the cover, unscrew these bolts with a Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Once removed, youll have to ensure the hoses that are attached are removed as well. These are held on with clips.
  3. Along with the valve, you should replace the gasket underneath it as well. This simply rests on the manifold underneath the cover. Make sure the metal is cooled and use gloves. Once you have removed these, it is time to replace them.
  4. To reseal the rubber material, dont forget to use a sealer when placing it back on the manifest. After the seal is in position, place the valve cover on. The valve will have to have the hoses reattached. Finally, screw the valve cover in place.