Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Computers

Refresh your engine computer for better Jeep Grand Cherokee gas mileage and overall efficiency. Engine computers, or engine control modules (ECM), are the electronic workhorses beneath your hood, controlling actuation, combustion, and power delivery. Here are five questions and answers to help demystify this valuable but complex automotive part.

How do you pick the right engine computer?

Use the year of your model and the engine displacement. Product titles and descriptions often include both pieces of information. Jeep tweaks each Jeep Grand Cherokee ECM for a very specific year, frequently transmitting appropriate ECM updates based on your Grand Cherokee vehicle identification number (VIN).

There are compatible ECMs for every Jeep Grand Cherokee, so youre sure to find an assortment designed for use with your generation.

What are these other abbreviations used with ECM?

An ECM is a single type of electronic control unit (ECU), a unit that manages electrical systems and subsystems within your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Other units include:

  • Transmission Control Module (TCM) - This module helps your transmission switch gears for optimal performance.
  • Powertrain Control Module (PCM) - This consolidated unit boasts a TCM and an ECM, directly controlling more than 100 factors.
  • When referring to these components, you may encounter the words "module" and "unit" used interchangeably. However, each component is unique, controlling different sets of factors within your Grand Cherokee.
Can you repair your existing Grand Cherokee ECM?

There are repair kits available to complete this task yourself. Each kit contains a variety of capacitators to meet each repair need of each ECM. Most kits include repair instructions.

Do you have to buy these used?

Used ECMs are an excellent option worth exploring, but you also have the choice of aftermarket ECMs and engine computers from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Aftermarket parts are commonly available.

OEM Grand Cherokee products are factory-produced for use in Jeep vehicles, but they are sold under another label, such as Mopar4All. Both aftermarket and OEM are great sources of quality replacement parts designed for used in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What does "programmed plug and play" mean?

Each Jeep ECM must be programmed to your VIN before installation. This eliminates the need for you to deal with programming after you purchase your ECM. Programming, also called flashing, wipes the ECM clean and prepares it for use with your compatible Jeep Grand Cherokee.

When your ECM arrives, you simply plug it into your Jeep Grand Cherokee and begin driving as always. Down the line, you have the option of flashing your ECM anew as needed.