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Dye Sublimation Printers

Make Printing Fun with Dye Sublimation Printers

This Black Friday, get something that will make your Christmas celebrations even more fun. Get your hands on a dye sublimation printer to create personalized gifts and decor for the holiday season. From banners and posters to t-shirts and tiles, you can use these printers to sublimate beautiful artwork on different surfaces. EBay has a vast selection of dye-sublimation printers from brands like Canon, HP, Kodak, Olympus, Sony, and more. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose from different sizes to suit your needs. Dye sublimation printers can be a great buy for homes and offices alike. Don’t lose out on your chance to grab eBay’s best electronic deals this Black Friday. 

How does a dye sublimation printer differ from other types?

They are like other digital printing devices in that you connect it to a computer, either by cable or wirelessly, and transfer a data file (word processing, drawing, or photograph) to the unit, which then prints the image on the print media. You may have to install device driver software on your computer to interface with the unit, which likewise is similar to how other printers operate.

The key difference is that heat transfer is utilized to offer users the expanded capability of reproducing full color, high-resolution graphics on a variety of media.

Dye sublimation printers use cartridges filled with dye rather than standard laser or inkjet cartridges. Because they are intended for imprinting images on specialized media, a given unit may or may not accept standard paper.

What kind of non-standard media are used?

This device can print on non-standard media for applications that include:

  • Fabric: T-shirts with company logos or creative images.
  • Photographs: Instantly print photographs on specialized stock such as postcards or ID cards.
  • Promotional: Coffee mugs and key chains.
  • Posters: Signs and banners.
What should you consider when shopping?

When cost comparing dye sublimation printers, you should determine whether the unit requires proprietary card stock and dye/ink cartridges that may be sold at a premium. A brand with a higher price tag may prove to be more cost-effective over the long run if it accepts third-party stock and ink cartridges.

Verify the product description that the printer will perform the applications you desire. In particular, when purchasing for making ID cards, verify that the printer will accept the card stock size and can print to a resolution and color quality that your barcode scanners will recognize.