Draft Stopper Doorstops

A doorstop can help maximize comfort and keep air-conditioning costs low. Stopper doorstops feature the added benefit of being applicable to far more areas than just doors. Stoppers of different shapes and sizes can be used on doors, windows, and sliding screens.

What materials are used to make draft stoppers?

Keeping drafts out requires thick substances that are capable of molding into corners to block all possible angles of entry. There are a few different strategies of materials that can be used for this. They include:

  • Fabrics: The fabrics used in the product are soft and dirt resistant, reducing the need for constant maintenance or and replacement. Fabrics offer color and pattern choices to allow you to blend with the environment or to act as an accent piece.
  • Shape-conforming mesh: The material used in the product conforms to nooks and crannies, making it an easy fit for most rooms.
  • Different filler choices: Fillers may be a polyfill stuffing, much like a pillow. Beanbag style options are filled with small styrofoam pieces. Stoppers may also be made of all-natural materials like rice, beans, or buckwheat.
What are some benefits of draft stoppers?

Stopper Doorstops offer several benefits:

  • Keeping the currently occupied room at a comfortable temperature means the product helps save on energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning. Reduced energy consumption also means a reduced ecological footprint.
  • Installing the product doesnt take much time due to the streamlined nature of the products design, which means you can spend more time enjoying it.
  • Varying options in color and style allow you to coordinate with each room.
  • Sealing drafts have the added benefit of increased soundproofing of a room or unit, and this can be a benefit on doors that open into shared hallways or stairwells.
How do draft stoppers control temperatures?

The product has a wide assortment of usages throughout the different seasons. Effective under the vast majority of doors, the product can help keep you stay comfortable at any time of year.

  • Summer: The product can be used to keep the cool in and heat out. This is particularly true if you have an air conditioning unit. It also allows you to create a cross breeze with your windows without allowing the air to escape into a larger part of the building.
  • Winter: During the chilly winter months, this solution can help keep you warm by blocking cold drafts from moving freely about your home. It works as an extra layer of insulation around older window frames as well.