Dodge Ram 2500 Bumpers

When you drive a big truck like the Dodge Ram 2500, you need a bumper that matches the tough appearance of your vehicle. Both front and rear bumpers are available. You have a range of options, including standard bumpers that are similar to factory models or enhanced bumpers that can help your vehicle to stand out.Are there bumpers with built-in lights?To get extra illumination when youre driving your Dodge Ram 2500 truck, get a front bumper with lights built into it. This can help you make your presence known wherever you drive at night. Available options include:

  • Fab Fours Premium Base Front Bumper: This can adjust to fit a variety of Dodge Rams. It has a black powder-coat finish that is resistant to weather and rust. The bumper includes 90-millimeter fog and 60-millimeter turn indicator lights.
  • Fab Fours Premium Prerunner Front Bumper: This version includes the same fog and turn indicator lights as the base model but has added D-ring mounts for tow hooks.

What are bull bars?

A bull bar is a type of bumper that can be installed on the front of your Dodge Ram. Its also called a brush guard, grille guard, or cattle pusher. A bull bar can protect your Dodge in the case of a collision. These products can be made out of welded steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate tubing. The guard can be wide, going across the entire front of your truck, including the headlights, or it can just span a few feet. The following brands manufacture bull bars:

  • Steelcraft
  • AMI
  • Westin
  • Black Horse
  • Lund

Can you get replacement factory bumpers?

You should be able to find replacement bumpers for your Dodge Ram. These will be specific to your type of truck and model year. Aftermarket bumpers can be installed directly onto your truck. Some may have a factory chrome finish while others could be painted to match your truck.

Are there other factors to take into account?

  • Winch compatibility: If youre planning on hauling loads or doing work out in the field or job site, a winch can come in handy. Most heavy-duty Dodge Ram bumpers can be fitted with a winch. Some may only fit 12,000-pound winches or smaller products, so make sure you read up on the specifications ahead of time. Winches can be installed on either the front or rear bumper.
  • Material: Many bumpers are made out of steel and then powder-coated for added durability. Heavy-gauge steel is a fairly strong product.

How do you mount a front bumper?

Basic instructions for installation or replacement are as follows:

  • 1. Disconnect any wires to fog lamps, turn signals, or other accessories that may be attached to the bumper.
  • 2. Use a jack to support the bumper. Remove the mounting bracket bolts. Use a penetrant spray if necessary.
  • 3. Remove the bumper and any components that are still attached.
  • 4. Move those components to the new bumper.
  • 5. Use the mounting bolts to attach the new one in place.