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Top Diadora Men's Shoes Review

Diadora Shoes

Diadora is a renowned footwear brand that focuses on providing top shoes to athletes. The Italian brand has ventured into all sports, including tennis, football, soccer, and formula one. When it was formed in 1948 by Marcello Danielli, Diodara provided cutting edge shoes for tennis, cycling, and running. In 1950, the company earned its reputation in high-quality products once it released mountain climbing boots.

Here are some of the top Diodara men's shoes.

Diadora Mens Speed Blushield 3

The Diadora men's Speed Blushield 3 can be used as tennis sneakers and casual sportswear shoes. The shoe is designed to offer a comfortable performance while maintaining your stability. It is soft with a couple of stabilizing features that provide grip and balance.

The Diadora Speed Blushield 3 is a bit wide. Therefore, you may need a smaller size. However, to learn more about the shoe size, contact the manufacturer. The cushioning of this shoe is not only focused on the heel area but also the forefoot. The additional padding on the forefeet gives you a comfy feel as you are always on your toes as you play. The heel cap has a thinner lining than the previous version.

Diadora Shoes

The upper mesh of the shoe is made from Supreltech and Dia Shield that increases breathability. Its anti-slip design offers proper support as you play. The midsole is made from light EVA support foam. Blushield technology in the outsole features Duratech 5000, a wear-resistant compound.

Diadora Mens N9000 S

The Diadora Men's N9000 S features a design that is both sporty and urban. These retro skate shoes have a canvas and nubuck upper. The suede upper is designed to enhance breathability. Laces offer a snug and secure fit, although the shoes are not true to size. Contact the manufacturer for more details on the perfect shoe size.

The midsole is made from Blushield and EVA technology to offer maximum support and comfort. The outsole is threaded to increase traction. Additionally, to improve breathability, the midsole and outsole are perforated.

Diadora Shoes

Diadora Mythos Volo

The Diadora Mythos Volo is a banger from its Italian design. The overlays have popping color schemes. The upper mesh is diamond-patterned with a bold reflective Diadora logo on the side. It is made from a breathable air mesh nylon. The upper also has a proper lockdown with tight laces. The shoe is neither too broad nor too narrow.

This daily trainer is light and comfortable with a drop of 11 millimeters. The shoe's midsole is made with two pieces. The traditional EVA support foam surrounds a Blushieled layer. The Blushield layer is fitted with little pillars making it springy and more comfortable. It also offers the shoe a unique feel. The EVA support foam prevents excessive bouncing.

Diadora Shoes

The outsole is made from a Duratech 5000 compound, increasing traction. The rubber at the front offers you grippy traction. The shoes are not true to size, and you have to go down half a size. To learn more about the ideal shoe size, contact the manufacturer.

Diadora Mythos BluShield Elite

The Mythos BluShield Elite are running shoes that can also be used as casual sportswear shoes. Just like other Diodara shoes, the Mythos BluShield Elite is not true to size, and you have to go down half a size. Contact the manufacturer to learn more about sizing. The mesh upper has been engineered to a flyknit upper to make it breathable and secure. The upper also features a reflective logo on the tongue for visibility when its dark.

These support shoes are suitable for athletes who suffer from overpronation. Slipping them on gives you a comfy feel that blends with adequate cushioning and responsiveness. Blushield and EVA technology have been used to make the midsole comfortable and secure.

The outsole features the Duratech 5000 compound for increased traction and durability. A rubber extension on the front upper increases traction when you run on steep grounds.

Diadora Shoes

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