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Desert Boots for Men

Desert Boots for Men

The desert boot dates back to the 1940s when creator Nathan Clark was a member of the British army stationed in Burma. Noticing that some officers were wearing comfortable lace-up suede boots, Clark found out the source of the boots was a bazaar in Egypt. He eventually launched his own take on the suede desert boot at the Chicago Shoe Fair, and it was immediately adopted as comfortable, casual and easy to wear.

What colors and materials are used in desert boots?

Desert boots are made of suede and traditionally have a light-brown or desert-sand color, but they are also available in many other shades. You can find this footwear in colors like brown, black, gray, khaki, and taupe. There are also desert boots in fashion colors, like plum, purple grape, indigo, red, light blue, and dark blue.

Variations on this leather or suede boot occasionally include special finishes, like metallic or snakeskin. You can also find fabric prints like houndstooth check or plaid. Beeswax finish, calf leather, and boot leather are other materials used in desert boots.

What sizes and fits do desert boots come in?

You can find desert boots in North American sizes 6 to 15, with most styles available in a medium width. Some manufacturers make a mens wide width desert boot and offer finishes and styles in size 16. Other makers may offer a broader range, including narrow, wide, and extra-wide widths.

What types of soles do desert boots have?

Some of this footwear features crepe rubber, leather, or Vibram rubber soles. Desert and chukka styles by some manufacturers include soft, natural rubber. Natural soft rubber can be made more durable and weather-resistant when blended with hardened rubber or synthetic materials. You can also find a combination of rubber and leather, stacked leather heels, and Dainite rubber. Dainite is a long-lasting and weather-resistant black plastic composite material.

The type of sole that a particular boot has depends on which style they are. Dress styles of desert boot may have smooth leather soles. Some desert boots have athletic bases made of polyurethane. Suede desert boots and similar shoes may be made with leather or crepe rubber soles.

What is the difference between desert and chukka boots?

Technically, desert boots are a type of chukka boot. Chukka boots feature a leather or rubber sole, while desert boots often use a crepe sole, which is a crinkly lace rubber. Side stitching on a desert boot is often visible. A chukka boots stitching is, by design, less visible. Both types of boots are of ankle height with similar eyelets, but the desert boot is considered a more casual shoe.