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Cushe Casual Shoes for Men

Questions About Cushe Casual Shoes for Men

Cushe brand casual shoes for men are known for comfort across a wide range of shoe types. You can choose from flip-flops, sandals, loafers, and even high-top sneakers on eBay. However, the two features that all Cushe designs have in common are style and breathability.

What features do Cushe flip-flops and sandals offer?

Cushe shoes are made to conform to your foots natural shape. Each footbed is contoured to give you a high level of support and comfort. The layered foam in Cushe flip-flops also lends an amount of arch support. Most of the brands sandals have a midsole with a Phylon-molded EVA compound that increases support. Although Cushe flip-flops are flat, they work to prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.

What features do Cushe closed-toe shoes and slippers offer?

Besides the support, closed-toe shoes by Cushe usually come with a canvas lining that lets your feet breathe. Microfiber sock material on the footbed keeps moisture under control even when you wear the shoes all day. Cushe footwear is designed so that your feet will stay cool and fresh. Some designs have a neoprene lining that resists heat and prevents sweating. On some shoes, the leather upper has ventilated mesh on the top and sides of the footwear for extra airflow.

Cushe slippers usually have molded EVA outsoles that provide traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The rubber sole features a Manuka honeycomb design. The outsoles two-piece construction design is a product of Cushes Bare Motion technology that focuses on natural movement and balance. The flexible outsole allows you to move around easily without slipping or losing your balance.

Does Cushe make lace-up shoes that are casual?

Lace-up footwear is well-known among Cushe customers. While slippers are comfortable and easy to put on your feet, shoes that can be tied offer more protection. The brand offers leather and suede uppers in lace-up styles that are sometimes mixed with canvas. The footbed is often removable. Light-colored shoes, like white and gray, lend a more casual look whereas darker colors, such as black and brown, look sportier. The lace-up design can be found on sneakers as well as high-top shoes. Some of Cushes lace-up shoes include:

  • Burnside lace-up sneaker
  • Mens method lace-up
  • Rowdy lace-up sneaker
  • Matthias suede WP lace-up boots
  • Mens Evo-Lite Albans sneaker shoe
How do you select the right Cushe shoes on eBay?

When purchasing new, used, or preowned Cushe shoes on eBay, you can choose your shoe by going considering the following categories:

  • Size: Cushe casual shoes for men have sizes that range from 8.5 to 13.
  • Style: Cushe offers a varied selection. Styles include boat shoes, driving moccasins, fashion sneakers, high-top, loafers/slip ons, and Oxfords.
  • Width: You can choose from narrow, medium, and wide.
  • Condition: Options are new with a box, new without a box, or preowned.
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