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Cummins Car and Truck Fuel Injectors

The fuel injector is an integral part of any vehicles system as the car will not function without it. Knowing about your cars or trucks injectors will help you troubleshoot them if there is a problem in the system. Cummins is a company that makes a variety of styled engines and their pieces.

What is a fuel injector?

Gasoline or diesel is pumped into the engine bay to reach the injectors. The fuel injector can be compared to a hoses spray nozzle as it releases the fuel in a fine mist form. It is mixed with passing air and enters the connected cylinders for further distribution.

What kinds of fuel injectors are there?

There are different aspects that define the kind of fuel injectors that a car or truck uses. Cummins has all types available. Some use continuous injection while others are timed. Whether the system is mechanically or electronically controlled will also be a factor. There are also surrounding aspects that relate to the injectors, including how much pressure is being sent to it and how much fuel is released from it. It is always recommended to refer to the vehicles manual or to have a mechanic take a look at the old fuel injector to determine which kind is the appropriate replacement.

  • Continuous injection - In this form, the injectors are consistently releasing gas or diesel while the engine is running.
  • Timed injection - This is also called a pulsed injection. The fuel is delivered in bursts to match the engines needs.
  • Direct/indirect injection - The direct process refers to when the gas or diesel is injected directly into the cylinder. When inserted indirectly, the gas goes through another part to ensure a proper mixture with the air.
  • Mechanical injection - This process consists of a system of parts put in place to monitor the vehicles behavior in relation to its fuel usage and to determine what and at what level the next steps of the process should do.
  • Electronic injection - In this case, there is a computer system that is used to function in place of many of the mechanical systems individual parts.
When should the fuel injector be replaced?

If you experience the following issues with your vehicle, you might need to replace your fuel injectors. They can be dirty, worn, clogged, or have faltered. Testing them is key to ensure that there isnt a surrounding problem, such as a wiring issue.

  • Rough idle
  • Gasoline leak
  • Misfiring
  • Starting issues
  • Poor engine performance
  • Failed emissions