Toyota Tacoma Car Covers

Whether you plan to store your Toyota Tacoma for a few days or several months, a cover can provide the protection your truck needs for both the interior and exterior. Careful fabric choice can help keep your vehicle in top shape during indoor or outdoor storage. Custom accessories designed especially for the Toyota Tacoma will provide a secure fit.

Should you store your Tacoma indoors or outdoors?

Indoor storage is best because it keeps your Toyota Tacoma in a dry, temperature-controlled space. However, trucks are made for rugged use, so you can also keep your Tacoma outdoors. No matter where you keep it, a cover can be beneficial for long-term storage.

When used indoors, these accessories guard against dust and small nicks or dings. When used outdoors, they provide a barrier that helps your Toyota vehicle resist damage from UV rays, precipitation, dirt, tree sap, and bird droppings.

Should you use a waterproof cover?

Materials that are both water-resistant and breathable are most commonly used for Toyota car covers. This type of fabric will protect your Toyota truck from everyday moisture. It will also allow water that does happen to get underneath to evaporate before it damages your Toyota. Outdoor covers typically offer a higher level of water resistance.

What fabric should you choose?

Often, multiple layers of fabric can offer superior protection for your Tacoma. Consider looking for a cover that includes some of the following materials in its layers:

  • Soft fabric: Fleece, flannel, and microfiber arent just great for seat covers; theyre also examples of soft materials that work well as bottom layers because they wont scratch the paint of your Toyota Tacoma.
  • Stretchy fabric: This helps create a secure custom fit for your Toyota Tacoma. Either the full accessory or just the bottom hem may be stretchy.
  • Lightweight fabric: Light materials are easy to put on and take off of your Tacoma. Often, they are also easier to pack away when not in use.
  • Breathable fabric: Both woven and non-woven fabrics can provide breathable protection for your Toyota Tacoma.
Why is a custom fit for your Toyota Tacoma important?

Not all Toyota Tacomas are the same size and shape. Extended cabs and extended beds require a different fit than standard-length trucks do. A camper that sits on the bed of your Toyota Tacoma will also necessitate a different size and shape for the cover. A custom accessory that is designed with your particular vehicle in mind will provide the fit and protection needed for your interior and exterior.

Even with a custom overlay, it is important the accessory holds securely to the Toyota Tacoma so it doesnt lift up or blow away. Elastic, straps, or grommets may help hold it to your vehicle.