Toyota Prius Car Covers


Using car covers for your Toyota Prius can prolong the life of surface interior or exterior paint by reducing sun damage, preventing scrapes, and shielding against small moving objects. Over time, the buildup of dirt, dust, pollen, tree sap, and other environmental deposits can strip the exterior paint away or cause it to fade. There are many different types of car cover accessories available for the Toyota Prius to help protect your vehicle for years to come.

What types of car covers are there for the Prius?

When choosing a canvas for your vehicle, its important to note where you will be storing the vehicle and what types of exposure it will be facing. In an outdoor setting, your vehicle may be exposed to birds, tree sap, rocks, hail, sunlight, and dust. A heavy, water-resistant canvas may be a good choice. If your vehicle is parked indoors or in a garage, there will often be less exposure, so a cotton-based canvas may be a practical choice to protect against dust or scratches. Types of car covers include:

  • Waterproof: Made from plastic-based materials and can be used to protect finish outdoors or indoors
  • Water-resistant: Usually made from a mix of plastic and fabric and is suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Fabric: Made from a blend of cotton materials that protect the finish, preferable for indoors only
Can you get an exact-fit car cover for the Prius?

The model year and trim type of a Toyota Prius may affect the way a cover fits. Product descriptions may provide a list of model years and trim styles that are compatible with the canvas. For the most accurate fit, custom canvases may be an ideal choice. They are often designed to fit an exact vehicle model and trim size.

How do you install a Prius exterior car cover?

It can be simple to put a Toyota Prius canvas on by yourself depending on the weight of the material and your own abilities. Here is a walk-through to help simplify putting a Toyota Prius canvas on your vehicle:

  • Unroll the back of the canvas and secure it to an anchor point on the back end, such as the license plate holder.
  • Gently pull the canvas over the top of the roof to the front end while it is still slightly rolled up. This makes it easier to pull.
  • Secure the canvas firmly over the front bumper of your Toyota Prius and tighten any straps or hoops.
  • Tighten and secure the hoops or attachments of the canvas over the back bumper of the Toyota Prius.
  • Carefully pull the rest of the canvas over the sides and side mirrors. You may have to walk from the front end to the back end several times to even everything out.