Covers for Subaru Outback

Keep your Subaru Outback looking fresh and protect your exterior and interior with a car cover. These useful and attractive accessories protect your Outback from UV rays, extreme temperatures, and the ingression of foreign substances.

Are car covers durable?

All Subaru Outback covers are designed for lasting durability. Different materials provide unique benefits, and combinations of materials ensure that your chosen Outback cover offers different types of protection. For example, base layers made of fleece provide winter insulation and protection from dings and scratches. Outer layers made of reflective or specially-coated materials block incoming sunlight and UV rays.

Why should you use a car cover?

Subaru covers ensure that your Outbacks exterior doesnt suffer during exposure to bad weather, excessive sunlight, bugs, and debris. They prevent the harmful ingression of water and dust. Heat and UV rays can discolor your car’s exterior, which can lower perceived, actual, and resale value. Covering a parked car is an easy way to protect your investment.

What colors of car covers are there?

Color availability changes seasonally, but there is always a wide spectrum of palettes to choose from. Choose the custom Subaru cover color that matches the paint job of your Subaru Outback, or go with a light or dark hue to distinguish your vehicle from others. Bright colors are easy to spot in crowded storage locations, whereas dark and neutral colors keep your vehicle discreet. Deciding on the right color comes down to preference. Choose from different options including silver, bronze, gold, brown, tan, gray, black, white, and clear.

What differentiates elastic from grommet hem?

Elastic hems usually have elasticized sections corresponding to the front and rear of your Subaru, to the passenger and driver sides, or all the way around. Grommet hems may or may not contain elasticized portions. Grommet hems specifically contain grommets that allow you to anchor the car cover using a lock and cable. Both hemlines are extremely stable, even in the face of very inclement weather and high winds. Additional grommets, patches, and holes let you accommodate your car’s antenna.

What length should you get?

The fit is important. Choose the length that most closely corresponds to the length of your Subaru Outback. Measure your Outback laterally from bumper to bumper. Add a foot or two to account for modifications, such as a spare tire, roof rack, or rear bike rack. Lengths of Outback covers range from 10 feet to over 33 feet, increasing in increments of one foot.