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Land Rover Range Rover Car Covers

Jaguar Land Rover has made the Range Rover since 1970. Whether your Range Rover is one of the classic models or a full-sized luxury SUV, a premium car cover is an effective way to protect it from the elements and during storage. There are many aftermarket options for Land Rover vehicles and something for every application and preference.

How are universal car covers for the Range Rover sized?

Many car covers are universal, which means you may be choosing a product based on the size of your Rover rather than the Rover model. Measure or look up the length, width, and height of your Rover and choose accordingly.

Are there any special considerations with universal covers?

Because there have been many different Rover vehicles made over the years, including the Range Rover Classic, the second-gen HSE, the third-gen Supercharged variant, and so forth, you will need a cover that accounts for any unique aspects.

  • Antennas: Covers can account for vintage antennas with a patch or cutout.
  • Rear wheel mount: Include the Land Rover rear wheel mount when calculating length.
  • Roof mounts: Rover roof mounts for luggage and wheels should be included in height.
How do custom-fit Range Rover covers differ?

Custom-fit covers for Land Rover Range Rover vehicles, which can also be called contoured, ready-fit, and semi-custom, are sized to the particular Land Rover vehicle model. You do not have to size your Rover and are assured a precise fit. Contoured Land Rover covers also account for special features, such as wheel mounts, wheel racks, and so forth.

How are contoured Range Rover covers selected?

When choosing a semi-custom cover for your Rover, the item will fit a range such as all 2016 Range Rovers or all 2002 Rover HSE models. With custom-fit car covers, you will be using the specific details of your Land Rover Range Rover, such as the:

  • Year.
  • Make.
  • Model.
  • Sub-model.
  • Special trim designations.
How do indoor and outdoor Land Rover covers differ?

It is a matter of preference. If you install and remove your Land Rover cover frequently, you will probably want something lightweight and simple. If your Range Rover SUV will not be driven for a while and you are storing it in a garage, then you may want a cover that is breathable. On the other hand, if your Land Rover vehicle is stored outdoors for extended periods, you may want a Rover cover that ensures protection against:

  • Sun exposure.
  • Dust and pollen.
  • Water and rain.
  • Ice, hail, and snow.