Ford Expedition Car Covers

You can find a variety of covers available for protecting your Ford Expedition sport utility vehicle when it is not in use. Ranging from full-size options that fit the entire Expedition to partials for targeted protection, these items can prevent fading, water damage, and scratches on your vehicle’s exterior. You can prolong the appearance and functionality of your Expedition by picking one of the available options for covering your SUV.

What materials and covers are good for short-term use?

If your Expedition sport utility vehicle is needing protection for a few hours to protect it from dust when you’re working in the garage, you may want to consider a plastic option. These accessories for your Ford Expedition are easy to put on and remove, and they function like raincoats for your car. They are also good to use when you’re storing a vehicle indoors for short periods of time. They weigh around 4 pounds with dimensions varying based on your specific trim style.

What materials are available for long-term outdoor covers?

If you are storing your Ford Expedition for several months outdoors, you may want a cover that is sturdy enough to protect the vehicle from inclement weather as well as from scratches and dents. Materials that are good options include vinyl, cloth, and polypropylene. In addition to warding off damage from light, flying debris, they will handle rain, snow, and light amounts of sleet and hail. With an interior made of non-abrasive materials, you can protect your Expedition from damage when you fit the shell over it.

Are there partial Ford Expedition windshield blockers?

If youre looking for protection designed to fit your Ford Expeditions windshield or another individual part, you can find shields that fit your windshield to protect your interior and seats from fading. These also keep your car cooler during times of extreme hot temperatures. Other options include materials that seal in heat during the winter, such as polyester with a PVC lining. They allow you to spend less time removing frost and ice from the windshield, giving you more time to enjoy driving.

How much do outdoor covers weigh?

If youre covering the Ford Expedition for a significant period of time, youll likely be using a shell with several layers. These will weigh approximately 8 pounds, with dimensions varying to match your Ford Expeditions trim. For these heavier accessories, look for seams that are double-stitched with hems that have the ability to stretch. A vehicle cover should be loose enough to fit on the vehicle but tight enough to stay attached.