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Chrysler 300 Car Covers

Car covers protect your ride from dust, debris, excessive sunshine, and the effects of the elements. Lightweight and durable, a car cover shields your Chrysler 300 and its various parts from unsightly dents, scratches, and dings. Here are five questions and answers about this accessory.

What does multilayer coverage consist of?

It varies from product to product, but all multilayer products have a few features in common. Their layers may consist of fleece, silk, cotton, taffeta, or thermoplastic polyurethane. The layers are breathable. One or more layers may be UV-treated, and upper layers are usually weather-resistant.

What are the benefits of UV treatment and weather resistance?

UV treatment prevents the suns UV rays from penetrating your windshield, windows, and other parts, providing an added layer of protection. UV rays can damage the interior of your car, causing discoloration and weakening the material. Shielding your automobile and its interior from sunlight keeps the internal temperature optimal, which prevents dangerous overheating.

Similarly, weather resistance protects your car from cold, rain, snow, dust, debris, and the appearance of neglect your vehicle can have after sitting uncovered for extended periods. Weather resistance minimizes the frequency of car washing and detailing and helps keep your car looking spiffy.

Non-abrasive lining and antenna patches are other recurring features. The former feature prevents scratches, and the latter is a patch through which you insert your antenna as you drape the cover over your Chrysler 300.

What choices of hem types are there for a sedan?

When shopping for Chrysler 300 car covers, there are two main hem types to consider: grommet and elastic. Specific hybrid products contain a combination of elastic and grommet hems. Hems may be elasticized in either the rear and front or on the lateral sides. The location of grommets on hems depends on the product, but most have grommets enabling you to thread and lock a cable to keep the cover appropriately draped.

What is the deal with car umbrellas?

Like a wardrobe accessory, a vehicle umbrella mounts temporarily to the top of your vehicle and stretches over it. A car umbrella acts as a portable sunshade, offering protection from debris, birds, and the damage and overheating associated with UV rays. Also, the shade results in a cool vehicle that is still comfortable even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The shaded cabin also retains its vibrant palette, texture, and finish over an extended period.

Some umbrellas have steel wiring as an anti-theft measure. When you are ready, you can remove the umbrella and pack it away in your trunk during extended periods of usage.

How do you store covers?

Many car covers come with carrying bags that comfortably accommodate all the fabric. You just fold up the product and place it in the bag. Drawstrings let you tighten and compact the bags contents, and keep it fastened between uses. Double-stitching and resilient inner layers ensure lasting durability, so some products are just fine if you lightly fold them and place them in the corner of your Chrysler 300 trunk or garage.

There are also temporary products made of lightweight plastic, which are designed to be used once or twice after a paint job and then thrown away.