How to Select Audi A3 Car Covers

When you need to protect your Audi A3 and you dont have a garage or wont be driving your Audi for an extended period, a car cover can be an effective storage solution. With one, you can keep dust, water, and debris off your car by using a cover to protect the automobile, and the covers are removed without much effort when youre ready to drive your vehicle.

What Are Some Types of Car Covers?

When it comes to choosing a car cover for your A3, there are several factors to consider, including the type of cover and the way it fits. 

  • A full car cover extends over the A3 to cover your entire vehicle, including the wheels. These complete covers are an effective option if your car is outdoors and requires total protection from the elements. 
  • A windshield cover only covers the windshield of your Audi A3. This type of outdoor design eliminates the need to scrape snow or ice from your car during inclement weather. 
  • Audi seat covers are small cushions that fit over your vehicles seats. Seat covers are padded and protect your vehicles upholstery in part from stains or tears, and they may have added features like storage pockets.

What Are Some Features of Car Covers?

Using a car cover year-round keeps your Audi A3 from sustaining damage from the sun, the elements, or everyday wear and tear. Some styles offer added features that enhance the covers even more, providing multiple layers of protection and security.

  • All-weather designs are made to resist water as well as the suns UV rays. These sturdy styles keep your Audi A3 from fading and provide protection from damage due to hail, rain, or sunlight and exposure to extreme temperatures. 
  • Styles with mirror pockets allow you to insert your Audi A3s mirrors into protective pockets made just for this purpose. This ensures that the mirrors stay safe from the elements, too. 
  • You can also choose the fitment of your car cover. There are designs that simply hang over your A3 or more custom-fit options that have elastic around the bottom for a tighter, more secure fit.

What Materials Are Used in These Covers?

Most Audi A3 coverings are made from heavy-duty, breathable, and non-abrasive materials. The type of fabric varies depending on the type of car cover you choose. 

  • Some styles are made of polypropylene and a layer of microfiber or cotton. The softer layers are closest to the car to ensure there are no scratches, and the synthetic polypropylene layer resists sun and water.
  • Aluminum is another type of fabric used for coverings. This is another material that resists dust as well as water and extreme temperatures. 
  • For indoor storage, consider a soft fabric such as flannel.

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