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Corning Ware & Corelle Kitchen Glassware

How to Buy CorningWare and Corelle Kitchen Glassware

CorningWare and Corelle glasses come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes that are designed to enhance each place setting. The right glasses should not only complement your dishes, but they should also set the mood for your event and express your personal style.

What Types of Glassware Are Available? 

There are three main styles of glassware: everyday, stemware, and barware. Choosing the appropriate type depends on what you will be drinking.

  • Everyday Glasses: These glasses are often used for water, juice, and other non-alcoholic beverages and are commonly made from sand, ash, or limestone. You can choose between coffee cups and tumblers, and youll also want to look for everyday glasses that are dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning.
  • Stemware Glasses: Wine glasses, champagne flutes, and martini glasses fall under the stemware category. These glasses are categorized by their long stem found between the bowl and the base. You should avoid placing these glasses in the dishwasher and should instead hand-wash them with ammonia or lemon juice. 
  • Barware Glasses: High balls, double old-fashioned, and beer mugs fall under the barware category. These glasses feature solid, flat bases and are typically machine washable, but it is always wise to double check the manufacturers recommended cleaning method prior to care.

How Do I Care for My Glassware?

Glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and while choosing the right type of dishes is imperative, it is also important to consider how much care these essentials require with respect to your living habits. For those with children in the household, opt for pieces that are resilient, dishwasher-safe, and arent difficult to store.

  • Washing Glasses: Wash your glasses with a mild dish detergent and water. Never use steel wool or other abrasives on your stemware since this can scratch the glasses surface.
  • Storing Glasses: Store your glasses upright to protect their rims from breakage. This is especially important for stemware, which tends to be more fragile and requires careful handling and storing.

What Do I Need to Stock My Kitchen and Home Bar?

Glasses are sold individually or in pairs. Alternatively, you can purchase these pieces as part of a tableware set, complete with plates, bowls, and other dinner coordinates. Remember to consider how youre likely to use them as well as how many pieces you require.

  • Desired Amount: At a minimum, you should have one glass for each dinnerware place setting in your home, though you should consider keeping extra on hand, especially if you frequently entertain. Likewise, it is always nice to have a few extra pieces, so you do not have to do the dishes as often.
  • Glass Size: Pieces range in size, with most falling somewhere between 8 oz. And 12 oz. The right size is typically a matter of personal preference, although you should keep your available storage space in mind as well.

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