Toyota Pickup Corner Lights

Toyota pickups such as 4Runners and other models have lights that wrap around the corners of the body frame and bumpers, providing you with enhanced visibility to see the road. The signal lights have covers that are typically made of an acrylic Plexiglas or plastic type of material, which provides them with resistance to shattering and helps to ensure that any colored finishes will not scratch off or fade. A minor collision or impact could necessitate a replacement of one or more of these signal lights.

What are the features of Toyota corner lights?
  • Clear or colored covers: The tail lights and signal lights may have clear covers or covers with amber, red, or black smoke based on their function and location on the corner of the Toyota pickup.
  • Chrome housing: The lights are typically wrapped with a chrome border. The shiny metal finish acts as a supportive housing and forms a tight seal around the corner of the Toyota pickup.
  • Compatible with multiple light bulb types: The corner lighting products are designed to work with different types of lighting products, including incandescent, xenon halogen, or light emitting diodes. There are also conversion kits available for corner lights so that they will work with the diode styles of bulbs.
How do you choose corner lights for Toyota vehicles?
  • Choose the placement on the vehicle: Choose front or rear turning lights or tail lights. Select lighting parts that go on the left side or right side of the truck.
  • Select a fitment and size: Select the correct size for the tail lights or signal lights. Different model years have slightly different fitments and sizes as the trucks undergo updates to their exteriors.
  • Choose the manufacturer: Select Toyota parts as the original equipment manufacturer of the head lamps, tail lights, or signal lights. You can also select corner lamps made by other manufacturers, including AMC, Brock, Depo Auto Parts, Martins, OE+, and TYC. There are also unbranded head lamps, taillights, and signal lights available.
What are the types of Toyota pickup corner lights?

There are many types of corner lights for use on Toyota pickups. There are turn signal lights, which feature amber, black smoke, or yellow coverings over the bulbs. These lights blink in a particular pattern at the same time when you use the switch on the steering column to activate them. They left and right corner taillights will blink in unison if you push the hazard switch in your vehicle. There are also brake lights, which have a red covering so that the back of your pickup glows in a bright red to alert other drivers that you are using your brakes. There are also headlights and taillights, which glow bright white or red through the transparent covers so that drivers behind you and coming toward you can see where you are on the road.