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Corner Lights for Nissan Pathfinder

The corner lights for Nissan Pathfinder are crucial for signals and visibility, so its important to make sure yours are in working order. Different years of the Pathfinder have different styles and designs for corner lights, and the lights themselves can vary significantly. Over time Nissan has altered the design of the tail light, fog lights, and other elements of the Pathfinder, so each unit will match to a specific range of model years.

What is an OEM corner light for the Nissan Pathfinder?

OEM is an abbreviation that means "Original Equipment Manufacturer". When a car company like Nissan builds a vehicle like the Pathfinder, they contract out some of the construction and manufacturing of small parts like corner lighting sets. The companies that get these contracts are the Original Equipment Manufacturers. A part from one of these companies is an exact replacement of what the car had when it was new. This is a useful benchmark for replacements. Any model from a different source is considered aftermarket. These can be similar to the original part or vary in terms of color, brightness, bulb type, or any other dimensions.

What are the features of LED bulbs?

LED bulbs are a new technology in lighting that is replacing the older styles of bulb, which used halogen. LEDs are very energy efficient. They draw less power from the battery and because there is not as much power running through them, they last longer. They also generate a very bright output. However, the beam that they create tends to be narrower and more focused, so they dont shed as much Omni-directional glow. LEDs generally have a higher color temperature on average. Halogens create yellowish light, while LEDs are closer to white and even blue at the upper end of the spectrum, unless they have been altered to shine a specific color, as in the case of orange turn indicators. If you prefer the yellower color or wider glow of the older style, halogen bulbs are still widely available.

Are corner lights symmetrical on the Nissan Pathfinder?

Each corner light has to go into its designed location: front left, front right, back left, and back right. The curvature of the cases makes it impossible to mix and match, although you can usually put bulbs into any corner you want. The front and back units are symmetrical, so that eases bulb replacement. Note that some units are sold as a matched pair while others are singles, so make sure to get the package that you need.