Mercury Grand Marquis Corner Lights

The Mercury Grand Marquis is a sedan that was made under Fords Mercury brand from 1975 through 2011, known for its powerful engine, smooth automatic transmission, long mileage capabilities, durable tires and aluminum alloy wheel assembly. It is a rear-wheel drive sedan with two or four doors built on the Ford Panther platform for its machined chassis design. After years of using the vehicles lights, replacement of the covers, bulbs, or entire assemblies may be needed in order to keep your Mercury Grand Marquis road-worthy and safe for you to drive.

How do you choose corner lights for the Grand Marquis?
  • Select the type: Choose a headlight, fog light, or turn signal for the car. Choose products by Mercury as the original equipment manufacturer or by another manufacturer. Some brands to consider include 1A Auto, AM Auto Parts, Brock, Depo Auto Parts, Ford, OE+, and TYC. There are also unbranded corner light assemblies and kits available for the Mercury Grand Marquis.
  • Select the placement on the vehicle: Choose corner lights for the front or back of the vehicle. Select lights that go on the left side or the right side of the Grand Marquis.
  • Select the model and year of production: Choose the type of trim, model, and year of production of your vehicle. The different model years and generations of the Grand Marquis have different fitments for the corner lights.
What are the features of Mercury Grand Marquis corner lights?
  • Transparent and colored covers: The corner lights are available with transparent and colored covers. The covers for the front of the Mercury offer a combination of transparent and amber coloring. The corner lights for the back offer transparent and red covers.
  • Chrome housing: The lights have chrome housing that coordinates with the other exterior and interior trim in your Mercury Grand Marquis. The housing is resistant to rust and corrosion, and it forms a moisture-resistant and dust-resistant seal against the cars body.
  • Integrated fog light, headlight, and turn signal: Select a unit or kit that includes the fog light, headlight or taillight, and turn signal.
How do you replace bulbs in Grand Marquis headlights?

After a few years of driving your Mercury Grand Marquis at night, its headlight bulbs may need to be replaced. In order to change the bulbs, you will need to release the hood so that you can access the housing of the headlights from the interior side of the engine block. Once youve done that, you can follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the wiring that supplies power to the light.
  2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the fasteners.
  3. Remove the lamps dust cover and back housing plate.
  4. Access the base that holds the light in place.
  5. Release the clips and pull upward on the base of the bulb.
  6. Holding the replacement light with a tissue or by its base, push it into the holder.
  7. Reattach the covers, screw the fasteners into place, and reattach the wires to the vehicles battery.
  8. Turn the Grand Marquis ignition to the run position to check the operation of the headlights.