Ford Crown Victoria Corner Lights

Make sure that your Ford Crown Victoria is equipped for any situation by maintaining the vital lights found in the front-end corners. Thankfully for Crown Vic owners, many models of corner lights exist for this iconic sedan. Sift through the available options, and select the corner lights that fit your regal Ford sedan.

What do the corner lights do in a Crown Victoria?

The lighting devices on each side of the front end of a Ford Crown Victoria are split in the middle into headlights and corner lights. While headlights perform the important work of illuminating the road ahead, corner lights perform other equally critical duties. The corner lights on a Crown Victoria consist of a turn signal and a side marker reflector. Forward turn signals indicate your turning intentions to oncoming vehicles, and side markers help pedestrians and other drivers note your position in low-visibility conditions.

What types of Crown Victoria corner lights are available?

While the appearance of a set of Ford Crown Victoria corner lights will vary based on the manufacturing year, all of these illumination devices make use of incandescent bulbs to emit their vital glow. However, not just any small incandescent bulb will do. Crown Victoria corner lights are only compatible with specialized 3157 automotive bulbs. These bulbs consist of the glass housing and metallic filament typical to incandescent bulbs. They are rated to last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours.

How do you replace Crown Victoria corner light assemblies?

If your Fords corner lights go dark or endure damage, simply changing a light bulb may not cut it. In these situations, it’s necessary to replace one or both of the corner light assemblies in your Ford Crown Victoria. While it’s technically possible to just replace one corner light assembly, it’s highly recommended that both be replaced at the same time. By following these straightforward instructions, removing the old assemblies and installing new ones is made simple.

  • With the engine turned off, open the hood and disengage the negative battery terminal. Select a side from which to begin.
  • Locate and remove the screw at the outer rear extremity of the corner light. Remove the liner at the front of the hood by twisting the three clips counterclockwise until they release.
  • Use a socket wrench to remove the 10-millimeter nut on the inside of the corner light assembly. The assembly can now be pulled away from the vehicle.
  • Remove the bulb socket from the housing by turning it counterclockwise, and replace the bulb if necessary.
  • Unclip the electrical harness from the assembly. Set the old assembly aside and connect the electrical harness to the new assembly.
  • Insert the bulb socket into the new assembly, and place it in the cavity. Insert the screw, and secure the bolt to complete the installation. Repeat these steps for the opposite side. After youre done, connect the battery, and start the car to test the corner lights.