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Corcoran Boots for Men

Corcoran Boots for Men

Boots inspired by the gear worn in combat can be a practical footwear option for modern men. The heavy boots are designed to provide stability and security during military duty, manual labor, and any other tasks that may involve navigating on rough terrain and handling heavy tools. Originally designed for paratroopers, Corcoran boots feature a deep tread, high upper that stretches above the ankle, and thick materials.

What are the different types of military inspired boots?

Mens boots inspired by military designs tend to have sturdy construction, a flat toe area, and a high ankle in common. They do have some distinct differences that let them be categorized into the following types:

  • Paratrooper boots: Paratrooper jump boots are standard leather footgear worn by military personnel during combat. These boots feature steel toe caps and calf-length lacing.
  • Tactical boots: These boots are made from lighter material and are more versatile than paratrooper jump boots while being slightly less durable. Unlike heavy leather jump boots, however, tactical boots do not feature a steel toe, which explains why they are so light.
  • Biker boots: Biker boots are similar to paratrooper boots, but they feature leather buckles in place of laces, and that makes them less military-style and more biker-style jump boots.
How do you lace mens boots?

The high ankles and tight lacing style used for mens boots can take a few minutes to perfect. These steps will make it easier.

  • First, strip the lace down and thread it over the bottom pair of eyelets.
  • Pull the lace-ends up above the jump boots to ensure that they come to approximately the same height.
  • Take one lace and insert it into the second eyelet.
  • Take the other lace end, skip the second eyelet, and bring it out through the third.
  • Take the first lace over the boot and insert it into the opposite eyelet.
  • Bring the lace on the third eyelet over the sneaker and insert it into the opposite eyelet.
  • Repeat the steps with the remaining eyelets.
How do you care for leather boots?

Mens jump boots tend to be made from a thick leather that will require more care than a fabric shoe. Keep your shoes in optimal condition with these tips:

  • Brush off dirt: Mud and dirt will come off easier if you wait until it dries and then brush it off.
  • Use a mild soap: Combine warm water with a very mild leather soap, barely wet a cloth, and use the damp cloth to rub away stains from the boots.
  • Dry with a cloth: Speed up the drying process by using a cloth to remove excess moisture.
  • Condition leather: Use a soft cloth to rub leather conditioner into the material.
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