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Contax SLR Film Cameras

Taking Photos with Contax SLR Film Cameras

There have been numerous iterations of film cameras. Contax is one company that has released a series of this type of photography equipment. When selecting a Contax SLR film camera, you can think about the kind of photography youd like to create.

What are some different types of film cameras?

These cameras basically fall into three categories:

  • Manual focus: With this type of film camera, you would be in charge of selecting the settings on each photograph you take. You can control the shutter speed and aperture, and you may be able to adjust the ISO. All of these things help you control the lighting, focus, and brightness of your subject.
  • Autofocus: When this feature is built into a camera, you let the equipment do the thinking for you. This can free you up from taking time to determine shutter speed and aperture for each picture. The camera can use sensors in an effort to determine settings that will allow for the right composition.
  • Manual and autofocus: Many cameras allow you to either use the autofocus feature or to override it with manual controls. This gives you the most flexibility out of these three types. In some cases, you can simply point and shoot, and in other cases, you can adjust the controls to create a unique shot.
What do these cameras have in common?

They all use a mirror and prism system as well as a single lens. This system lets you see the exact image that will be captured when you look through the viewfinder. Without the mirror system in place, the view you would see would not be precisely the same as what the lens "sees" because the viewfinder and lens are not in the same position.

What are some models that are available?
  • Aria 35mm: This has a multi-mode planar T 50 mm f-1.4 Zeiss lens and weighs 460 grams, putting it in the compact category.
  • S2: On this model, all the settings are manual. The batteries are used to power the light meter.
  • AX SLR 35mm: This camera has both auto and manual focus options. You can lock it in the autofocus setting if you prefer. It comes with a self-timer, and the film automatically advances when you take pictures. It can be used with any MM/Bayonet lens.
  • 645: This medium-format camera has five automatic exposure modes in addition to a manual setting.
  • N1: This camera comes with a LCD viewfinder as well as a self-timer delay that can be set to either two or 10 seconds.
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