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How to Remotely Start Your Car

Cold weather is hard on vehicles and on their owners. One way you can make sure that your interior has time to warm up before you have to head out on your commute.

What are Remote Start Systems?

For drivers in cold climates, remote start may be one of the most important innovations since the heater. All you have to do is hit the button on your key fob and the car starts itself. Not all systems are created equal; there are some features that are more desirable than others:

  • Transmitter range: Range is important because it's an easy way to compare power. Some remotes like the Compustar PRO 2-WAY 901 offer a range of up to one mile. While you may not ever start your car from that distance, it can be very useful to have a remote that can work from the far side of the house.
  • Two-Way Communication: A one way remote just sends a signal and hopes the car starts. A 2-way remote not only sends the signal but also receives one so that it can tell you that your remote starter did work and your engine is running.
  • Advanced Features: Some models feature additional features such as alarms that not only tell you when someone tries to break in to your vehicle, but also what part they touched. They also enable keyless entry and host of other capabilities such as activating your seat heaters.

Why Replace Your Remote?

When your remote both starts and unlocks your car, it can be a nightmare if you lose it or it stops working. Luckily, there are options:

  • Reprogramming: The first step is to try reprogramming your remote. Simply put the key in the ignition and turn it from off to on five times and the parking light should flash once. Tap the lock button and the light should flash a second time.
  • Replacement Remotes: If reprogramming doesn't work, the simplest option is to simply for the same model Compustar remote and program that to work with your vehicle. You retain all the same functionality.
  • Compatible Remotes: The third choice is to look for a compatible replacement remote that supports your starter unit and other functions.

Car Security

Remote starters are a great way to improve your car security, and they are often better than a simple alarm. Not only do you have the convenience of remote start on cold days, but you can also take advantage of a 2-way LCD remote that gives you updates from your vehicle rather than forcing you to guess what's happening. There's also the confidence of knowing you don't have to fumble with your keys when you get to your parking spot.

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