Compustar Car Remote Start and Entry Systems


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Compustar Car Remote Start and Entry Systems

A keyless entry car system, also known as a remote starter system, has many benefits. It can give a boost to your security system by adding an extra layer of car alarm options. Having Compustar car remote start and entry systems offer an additional way to control your vehicle.

How does a remote starter work on a car?

There are two main pieces to a Compustar remote start system. There is the small remote that is much like a car fob, and then the remote starter that is installed in the vehicle itself. The user controls the remote start system by using the remote to send an encrypted signal to the installed equipment inside the vehicle. When the starter inside the car receives the signal, it switches on the systems needed that allows the vehicle's engine to start.

How can a remote start system prevent theft?
  1. The remote starter locks all of the doors.
  2. Since there is no key in the ignition, the car cannot be shifted out of the park gear to drive.
  3. The moment somebody tries to press on the brake pedal when there is no key in the ignition, the remote starter will shut the engine off.
  4. The engine will also shut down if somebody opens the hood of the vehicle once it has been started with a remote since there is a tamper switch installed under the hood.
What are the benefits of the Compustar DroneMobile?

The DroneMobile from Compustar allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. This allows you to send and receive commands to and from your car without range limitations. Also, if you ever lock your keys in your vehicle, you can use your smartphone to unlock it. Additional features include:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Geo tracking
  • Security system alerts
  • A remote start system
  • Keyless entry
How do you disable the alarm system without the remote?

All Compustar alarm systems have an emergency override sequence that can be activated by following the steps below. If these steps do not shut off the alarm, it may be the factory's security, which has activated the car alarm. If this is the case, you will need to attempt to lock and unlock your car's door while using the original factory key to turn off the alarm.

  1. Place the key into the ignition.
  2. Do not start the engine, but cycle the key between the OFF and ON/RUN position five or more times until the alarm stops.
  3. This should put your vehicle into valet mode from which you should be able to exit without the alarm system going off.
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