Complete Engines for Saturn Ion

The Saturn Ion car offers 140 horsepower in a subcompact, fuel-efficient model. This edition was produced until 2007 and includes a combination of compact size and power. Complete engines for these vehicles remain an option for a number of drivers around the world.

Are replacement engines available?

Though GM last produced the Saturn Ion in 2007, aftermarket items are available for purchase and installation on your vehicle. Many aftermarket manufacturers offer both rebuilt and re-manufactured powertrains, known for their gas mileage. It is important to know the year, body style, and VIN number of your car when choosing a replacement engine because sizes vary based on the production year and the model. Some options for the complete engines include:

  • Used Ion engines - Some powertrains are used, having been taken out of another car and rebuilt. These can provide solid performances.
  • Re-manufactured engines - Many companies sell remanufactured powertrains. These engines are cleaned and components have been replaced with genuine GM OEM components.
  • Reliability can be tested - Tests are available to determine if a replacement powertrain for your vehicle is reliable. Dynamometer testing procedures determine what parts have been replaced. Computer reports can also show proper tuning and functionality.
Are there any upgraded engines?

Upgrades to the engine were available in 2006 and 2007. In 2006, the 170 horsepower, 2.4-L IL became available for the Ion 3. In 2007, an improved 2.2-L Ecotec with 145 HP was introduced. Both offered more power while keeping gas mileage competitive within its class. Depending on the specific model of your car, one of these may be an appropriate replacement.

What transmissions are available?

It came with either a Getrag F23 five-speed manual transmission or an Aisin A F23 five-speed automatic. The five-speed Getrag F23 offers the unique feature of five forward gears being packed into a typical four-speed manual gearbox. This was achievable because the transmission had no overdrive. The result was a smoother, faster acceleration and great fuel efficiency. This configuration also resulted in decreased heating. In 2005, GM replaced the Aisin F23 five-speed automatic with the 4T45E four-speed transmission.

What is the Red Line edition?

The red line edition was a high-performance version that was produced between 2004 and 2007. It was one of Saturns faster performers, able to reach 0 to 60 MPH in 6 seconds. The addition of large disc brakes allowed this car to decelerate from 70 MPH in just 164 feet. Though built as a coupe, it had access to the rear seats through a third door, allowing access without having to fold down the front seats.

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