Complete Engines for Jeep Cherokee

Finding the right replacement part for your Jeep Grand Cherokee can become an easy and stress-free task with the right information. Whether you need a new or used standard part or some replacement accessories, you will find something that meets your needs whether youre looking to improve your fuel economy, optimize your brake system or power steering, or get your cylinder block back up to speed. Here are some common questions that may come up when searching for parts for your automatic vehicle.

What are tips for purchasing a Jeep Cherokee replacement engine?

Some things to keep in mind when looking for a Jeep Cherokee replacement engine are:

  • Locate the year, make, and model of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. In some instances, you may also want to get the production date of your Grand Cherokee in case the manufacturer switched parts mid-production year. You can also use information from the VIN number to find part information.
  • Determine whether you wish to purchase a new or used part. Depending on the production year of your Cherokee, the new options may only be available from an aftermarket factory. Used engines will typically come from a donor vehicle, and you’ll be provided with that information in the item description.
  • Once you’ve located an engine, review the description for any part-specific information. When purchasing a used machine, you may want to select a part with low miles. In addition, you will want to check to see if any parts of the engine will need to be replaced or additional parts need to be purchased.
  • Ask questions from the seller if there’s something specific that you need to know about the part so that you’re getting the complete information.
What is a remanufactured engine?

Purchasing a remanufactured motor or transmission can have many benefits over purchasing a salvaged one. Unused parts are sent to a remanufacturing company that completely rebuilds the machine and replaces worn or broken parts before reassembling them for delivery. Used motors that have been remanufactured will have this listed in their description. An advantage of this option is that the machines are tested by the factory for quality, whereas a salvage engine is sold as is.

What incidentals should be purchased alongside a replacement engine?

When purchasing a replacement engine or transmission, you may also wish to purchase some accessories or other parts to aid with the installation of the new part. Some items such as rubber mounts to hold the engine will be required. Other items like radiator hoses, fan belts, and fuel systems may not be required, but they can save on future repairs and time. A fuel pump may also be required for your Jeep.

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