Important Things to Know Before Purchasing a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 Engine

A Harley Sportster motor is a small four-stroke V-twin engine that has a displacement of 1200 cubic centimeters (CC) and a compression ratio of 9:1. These new or used motors can produce 58 hp at 5,300 RPM and have a stroke of 3.8 inches and a bore of 3.5 inches. The Sportster 1200 engine also has an air cooling system, two valves per cylinder, and an overhead valve fuel control.

Essential things to look for before purchasing a used Sportster 1200 engine

The Sportster 1200 engine is a reliable and quality built engine, but there are some things you should look out for when buying used. The engine should be clean with no signs of oil leakage. You should also ensure that the shift shaft is not bent or damaged. It is also helpful to look for a Sportster 1200 engine that has low miles.

What year model Sportster engines have fuel injection?

Sportster 1200 engines were first designed with fuel injection in 2006. It is important to remember that not all year model fuel injection engines will be compatible. While it is relatively easy to buy a newer engine to upgrade an older bike, it may require some additional work during installation. It is also possible to buy an older, carbureted engine for a newer frame. However, it is much less commonly done.

Do all Sportster 1200 engines have the same specs?

Differences exist with different years of engine. The top speed of the Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 can vary by model. For example, the 2011 model has a top speed of 122 mph while the 2001 model had a top speed of approximately 107 mph. The weight of your bike and any additional modifications can also affect the top speed. If you want to maintain your same performance, the replacement engine should be the same type that you already have. The installation specs will also vary slightly from one engine to the next. Depending on the year of your frame, you may want to purchase a kit to adapt your attach points on your frame to the year of engine that you purchase.

Should you buy a Sportster engine from a wrecked bike?

Salvaged engine purchases at eBay can be a great option as its an affordable way to get the Sportster engine you need. A Sportster engine from a wrecked bike should be fine for purchase if the engine was not damaged during the accident. Any major physical damage to the engine should be noticeable and you should find all necessary information in the product description.

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