Choosing a Ford Escort Complete Engine

If you plan on buying a new motor for your Ford Escort, you should know what you are getting with a complete engine. A complete motor means you will receive all of its components such as the block, crankshaft, rods, and so on. Whether youre completing the installation yourself or simply purchasing the engine, here are a few questions to consider when making a selection on eBay.

How do you choose the right Ford Escort motor?

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a new or preowned replacement engine for your Ford Escort on eBay instead of buying a new car. Considerations include the age of the car, how many miles it has on it, and how long you plan to use it.

When you are in the market for a replacement engine, there is specific information to have at hand. You will need to know the year, make, and model of your Ford vehicle to choose the right motor. If you plan on buying the same Escort motor as your old one, you will need to know how many cylinders there are in your old motor. For example, if your vehicles motor is a V6, it means it has six cylinders.

Should you change transmissions when changing your Ford Escorts engine?

If your new Ford motor is the exact same as your old motor, there is no need to worry about changing your transmission. However, if you plan on installing a different size motor, you need to take space into consideration. You will need the proper motor mounts so that your new motor sits at its proper height in the front and back of the engine compartment. If you are adding a new motor to your vehicle, you will need the proper bell housing and adapter for your transmission. Keep in mind whether you have an automatic or manual transmission.

Is a different motor oil required?

You do not need to change motor oils if your new Ford Escort motor is the same as your old one. However, if the motor you buy is brand new, you may want to use a premium brand of conventional oil. Other factors to consider for your Ford Escort motor oil include your driving habits, how many miles you expect to drive your Escort each day, and the type of weather you experience most often in your location.

What is the difference between a rebuilt and re-manufactured motor?
  • Refurbished: A re-manufactured Ford motor has been refurbished to the exact specifications of a new one. Certified technicians from Ford replace all the wearable parts with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. If there are any alterations to the motor, technicians will remove these changes and restore the engine to its original condition.
  • Assembly: Technicians do not completely disassemble a rebuilt Ford motor for most vehicles. Most of the Escort engines original components are left intact, and technicians will only repair the motor up to the level of failure for each part.
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